Animal Testing In The Cosmetics Industry

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Companies testing cosmetics on animals are not just applying lipstick to a rabbit to gauge its reaction; they are looking for irritation, blistering, and swelling. The tests being performed on animals are, oftentimes, painful and can even be fatal. Experiments can range from testing chemicals on skin and eyes, to forcing the animals to ingest lethal doses of product ingredients. Many cosmetic companies currently implementing such testing, ignoring the fact that it is not required by law in the United States. These practices are unnecessary and cruel. Laws need to be instated to encourage cosmetic companies to begin using alternative, more humane methods, while completely out-phasing animal ...view middle of the document...

Some probably feel that it is acceptable to test on animals because it makes it so testing won’t be done on humans. Nobody would want to subject themselves to being tested. Others may think animal testing is ok until it affects them, for instance, their pets having to be subjected to the same treatment as those animals go through. If it came to that they probably would want the alternatives to be used. There are alternatives to animal testing that are better suited for products that will later be for produced for human use. The National Institute of Environment Health Sciences defines alternative test methods as “methods that reduce, refine, or replace animal use in research and testing”. Tests where they would normally place an ingredient on the skin of an animal to see what happens they can now test on human skin grown in a lab. There is also the option to replace certain tests with computer simulations.
While not all tests can be substituted with these options, it is better than continuing to perform every test done on animals. The FDA states that alternative testing can be successfully done in the following areas: “phototoxicty, dermal penetration, skin corrosivity/skin irritation, genotoxicity, eye irritation, skin sensitization, and acute toxicity”. These alternatives could prevent many of the animal tests and save those animals from experiencing the pain they go through. Since alternative testing can be done in these areas, then why aren’t companies switching from animals tests to these other methods?
What if the alternative tests that are available aren’t as useful as the tests being done right now? Could they allow a product to be distributed to the public that is actually dangerous, possibly even...

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