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Animal Testing Must Be Banned Essay

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Canary in the kitchen detects carbon monoxide! Animal testing must be banned for unnecessary tests. Animals should not be guinea pigs. Animals still feel the pain when they are injected with medicine just like humans. Humans can defend themselves and stop the pain, but the animals get strapped down and cannot move. It is better to have tests run on animals because animals will help find cures faster.
Animal testing must be banned for unnecessary tests because a lot of animals are dying for no reason. Ninety-four percent of animal testing is done to determine the safety of cosmetics and household products (Animal Testing 1). That only leaves six percent for medical research (1). Ninety ...view middle of the document...

88% of stillbirths are due to drugs posed to be safe in animal testing (1). According to World Health Organization out of 200,000 released mediations only 240 are labeled as essential (1). Corneal transplants were delayed for 90 years and blood transfusion were delayed 200 years due to animal studies (1). Less then two percent of human illnesses of 1.16% are ever seen in animals (1). Scientists believe that by performing these tests on animals is to ensure the safety of the new drugs (HIV drugs, vaccines and animal testing 2). Also to see whether such products might be effective in humans (2). Finally for general research into the biology of an animal, or the function and action of certain diseases within their bodies (2). Animal safety tests usually come at the end of the long process of safety date collection that may include testing the product ‘ in vitro’ and using a computer program to simulate what might happen to the drug inside the body (2). The regulations on what safety data is required for a new product vary from country to country, but more drug authorities require all three types of data (2). Animals are fairly poor substitutes for humans because the compounds that are released in the animals bodies might be harmful, but could kill a human (2). Result in this was an anti-inflammatory drug that caused major organ failure in six men involved in a trial at Northwick Park Hospital in London, England in 2006 (2). Such occurrences are rare (2). HIV is a retrovirus to humans which it is rarely found in any animals (2). Some African primates are naturally infected with SIV which is believed to be the virus from which HIV originated (2). If scientists were to test HIV substance on an animal from the United States, the animal may become sick with AIDS and die (2). Animals may be used for a more general research that aims to gain a greater understanding of a disease (2). Chimpanzees and cats may be good human substitutes to see how HIV-like-viruses operate within the body (2). Medical Research on Animals is misleading (Opposing Views 3). Medicines that have been tested on animals and passed have been dangerous to humans (3). The sex of the animal also affects the results on the medicine, but with humans the sex does not matter (3)! All drugs that have been pulled off the market because they caused severe illness or death in humans patients were previously tested on other animals (4). Animal experimentation has led scientists down countless scientific dead ends, while detracting attention and funds from more applicable scientific techniques...

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