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Animal Testing Needs To Be Stopped

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The Test Rat’s Rights
You are in seclusion in a box. The only view you have is through bars. You can hear those around you mooning in discomfort. You cannot move your limbs. Everything feels stiff, your arms are there, yet they feel out of reach. Every day they enter the room, scribble on a notepad, and offer you food but, you need to reach for it in order to feed yourself. As you struggle to force your arms to bear a movement toward the food, there are people around you observing your pain. Life is miserable in your little empty cage. This is what life was for monkeys at the Institute of Behavioral Research in Silver Spring, Maryland. The monkeys at the institute had their nervous system incapacitated. The researchers would force the monkeys to move their limbs by withholding food from them (DeMello, Margo). This is a callous treatment of animals. Animal testing needs to be modulate because it is inhuman, and there are alternative ways of testing.
Despise the laws that have been established to ensure no animal cruelty animals, animals are treated unethical on a regular base. Animal Welfare Act states law about the care of warm blooded creatures in research but, mice and birds are not considered in the category so they regulations does not protect them (DeMello Margo). Laboratories are required to reduce the pain animals might feel during the testing but, the decision whether to give the test subject pain medication or anesthesia is up to the lab. Due to the expense of pain medication many labs do not provide any for the animals. Also, there are no laws in regarding how much pain is inhuman for animals. Mnay animal research labs are not regulated by the government. Those that receive funds by the government are mandate by them. Cosmetic, cleaning supplies, and other companies that do not receive government aid are not regulated on how they use animals (DeMello,Margo). There are many reports of animals showing distress chewing of their fur, pacing, and self-mutilation. Scientists have reported mice grieving after they witnessing other mice being injected with acetic acid (McCance, Dawne).
Not only is animal testing inhuman it is also inaccurate at times. Animals and humans differ from each other immensely. Michael O. Leavitt, United State Department Health and Human Science former secretary, stated “Currently, nine out of ten experimental drugs fail in clinical studies because we cannot accurately predict how they will behave in people based on laboratory and animal testing”...

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