Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

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Animals serve an important role in human’s lives. They’re companions, best friends, sidekicks, and often considered someone’s babies. The USA has enforced many laws to protect the well-being of all animals. One of which is the Animal Welfare Act of 1966 which regulates the treatment of animals in research, exhibition, transportation, and by dealers (Animal Welfare Act, 2013). But many animals are subjected to unspeakable torture every day during numerous, needless scientific tests and experiments. What would you do if your pet was force fed poison, electrocuted, sliced open, forced to inhale hazardous fumes, or simply killed all in the name of science for human benefit? Many people would be disgusted at the thought of their pets going through such torture. In fact, around 43 percent of U.S. adults are against the use of animals in scientific research (J.R. Goodman, 2012). These animals aren’t being given the 3 most basic rights we, as humans, take for granted: life, individual liberty, and exemption from torture. Instead they’re forced to undergo unspeakable experiments with no possible escape from the pain. Subjecting any animal to any act of experimentation, with only human benefit in mind, is cruel and is the most violent form of animal abuse.
There have been major advances mad in medical treatment with the use of animal testing. Experimentation of cancer treatments has developed Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy treatments, which prove to be effective in combating many forms of cancer in the human body (Science Action Network, 2013). Numerous vaccines have been discovered thanks to testing. We now have vaccines for polio, tuberculosis, meningitis, HPV, small pox, and yellow fever among many others. Many diseases that were once an epidemic and responsible for thousands of deaths now pose no threat. Possibly our greatest development is within the treatment of AIDS & HIV. This disease was once a death sentence, and now sufferers can live relatively normal lives, often outliving their expected life span.
These advances have, no doubt, saved millions of lives. They’ve helped humans overcome diseases that were once widespread and have prevented the spread of newly surfaced illnesses. But at what cost? In 2010, over a million animals were killed in U.S. laboratories (Annual Report Animal Usage by Fiscal Year, 2010). Scientific experiments, chemical and drug tests, medical training, and biology lessons dissect, restrain, cut, burn, and maim these animals in what can only be described as torture. Is this torture considered acceptable because it benefits humans?
The conditions testing animals live in is deplorable. Many are kept in tight cages with little to no room to move, isolated from other living things. They’re given little to no food or water, and rarely get exercise. Cowering in the corners of their cages alone and scared, some will never know what it’s like have loving owners. These animals didn’t get a choice in becoming test subjects....

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