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Animal Testing Should Continue Essay

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There are many valid reasons why we should continue testing on animals. The life of a human is ultimately more valuable than that of an animal. Without animal research, there would not be the medication as we know it today. Animal testing has enabled science to progress and find treatments for viruses, produce antibiotics for some of the deadly disease, infections as well as preventatives in a form of developing vaccines to cure diseases. Moreover, the factor of moral obligations entreat the facts that there are excessive structures with laws in place to protect the animal from being abuse and mistreated, as all animal testing proposals must be approved by an Institutional Animal Care and ...view middle of the document...

S. The vaccine was prepared and experimented on mice and rabbits resulting stronger immunogenic and now being used worldwide. Within few months of the vaccine being introduced there has been a rapid decrease of infections by 70 percent. ( Therefore, animal experiments are a vital role in the research of medication.
The topic has ethical and moral aspects, as animals are genetically like us, thru can substitute for testing substances. In addition, in 1965 the local and state laws of the guideline in animal experiment were structured by the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to instructing a strict minimum housing standard for the research animal including access to clean food and water, enclosure size, temperature and others. The AWA is closely inspected by the veterinarians. ( According to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, the University of Maryland Baltimore Country believes that the responsibility of laboratory is essential in animal research to prevent and develop treatment of human and animal disease, “We affirm the moral obligation of our scientists to carry out this research on behalf of mankind and animals. Millions of Americans are alive today, and live healthier and more productive lives because our nation's health care professionals are able to employ safe and effective treatments including vaccines, surgical procedures, drug therapies and other valuable therapeutic methods developed with animal research.”. ( These advancements in the field of animal testing has greatly improved mankind’s quality of life. Conferring to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee procedure Guidebook, Universities, organisations and institutions that carry out animal based experiments or teaching acquired under the “Animal Welfare Act” or ‘Act’ (Public Law 890544, 19966 and subsequent amendments). The law acquired annual reports on the animal research by the licensed professional and the Act mandates full unannounced assessments by...

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