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Animal Testing: Should It Be Legalized?

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Millions animals are being tested for medical researches and cosmetics. As animals are being locked away behind bars in cold laboratories in order to test make-up products and medicines. Most cosmetics and medical companies are using animals to test and make sure that their products do not cause allergies. Furthermore, some counties are not only allowing animal testing but they are also demanding it. For example, China would never allow a product to be used on humans unless it has been tested on animals beforehand. While on the other hand, other counties like India are actually banning animal testing for beauty products. Nevertheless, it is argued that animal testing should not be legalized because it is cruel to make animals suffer just to get new beauty products, and also the fact that there are new non-animal research methods to test beauty products and medicine.
One main reason for this argument is the cruelty and suffering that animals go through just to get new beauty products. As not only are animals being locked away and deprived of their freedom, they are also being tested on in the cruelest ways. In “Animal Testing in the Cosmetic Industry”, Kashmira Lad (2012) argues that in order to make sure that human eyes do not get irritated from a product ;researchers apply the product inside a rabbit’s eye, which can lead to blindness and bleeding, which is unreasonable; as animal testing is not accurate because of the biological difference between rabbits and humans. Such experiments are causing serious injuries, blinding, maiming, and other procedures leading to the animal’s death. In short, we are causing the suffering of a breathing, living and feeling animal when it’s not even accurate which is not just cruel but abusive as well.
In addition to the cruelty, the fact that there are new non-animal research methods to test beauty products and medicine is another argument for why animal testing should not be legalized. In “alternatives to animal testing’, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)...

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