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Animal Testing Why It Should Get Banned.

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Animal testing is wrong and no matter what the circumstances are, it should never be condoned. Imagine living your life in a miniature cage where your body is unable to move due to the little space surrounding you. Imagine not being able to give your opinion on anything. Your life consists of getting coated in creams which could potentially burn your skin, yet nothing is done to stop it. Picture it as if it were yourself in that situation, you wouldn't like it, would you?
So why is it okay to do this to animals but not humans? Just because animals are unable to speak out for themselves and fight back, it does not make it acceptable to undertake these horrific tests on them. Animals which undergo tests for cosmetic products and drugs can possibly be left with permanent damage to skin and organs, as well as some cases resulting in fatality. Now you tell me why this is 'accepted'.
Not too long ago I read about a case where illegal footage from a laboratory got put online. The clip had supposedly shown dogs being force-fed weed killer. Evidently, this was to see how lethal the weed killer was. It had previously been tested on humans, however the dogs were getting made to consume 50 times more than what had been known as treacherous towards humans-what possible reason could there have been for this? It’s not far off torture, just like pouring vinegar into an animal’s eyes to see what happens, or infecting it with sickening diseases like cancer just to see if a potential cure works. It is beyond me how people can sit back and allow this to happen. Just because humans are top of the food chain it doesn't make them more worthy than animals.
Another recent investigation of animal abuse in 2012 was for the Steanbow Farm in Somerset. The farm was ran by the Christensen family who sold their products through...

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