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Animal Testing Animal Testing Has Been Around For Centuries Not Only As A Way To “ Safely” Test Improved And New Medicine But Also To Be A Guinea P...

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Animal testing has been around for centuries not only as a way to “ safely” test improved and new medicine but also to be a guinea pig for well know making up and facial care providers. A topic that has had much discussion in recent times is one that is not talked lightly about. The topic has to main components to it: people that believe that even though animal testing is immoral it is necessary for the future exploration into the medical and science fields. And people that believe that it is not moral act, that the testing and processing of animals goes against the idea that they are a living organism and crosses boundaries into animal abuse. A topic that is taken extremely serious now a days. So is there a time when animal testing is a benefit or is it wrong and abusive under any circumstance.
FBR, the Foundation for Biomedical Research is said to be the “ nations oldest and largest organization dedicated to improving human and vetinarty health by promoting public understanding and responsible animal research” There goal is to test on animals in a way that is not harmful yet helps understand how the human body would react to certain medicines and scientific advances. The list of why animals contribute to research is numerous a Uk origination created a website that lists the 40 top reasons why animal testing is contributing to the longevity of humans. Statements such as “ We share 95% of our genes with a mouse, making them an effective model for the human body”, and “Animals suffer from similar diseases to humans including cancers, TB, Flu and asthma, as well as many more. The argument is still prevalent that when does it cross a point of morally wrongdoing. However, the Uk website also makes a point of listing current successful medicines as an outcome of animal testing. Such medicines include: Herceptin a mouse protein that has helped the increase the survival of breast cancer patients, Tamoxifen a drug used to 30% decrease in breast caner in the 90’s, Smallpox has been completely eradicated due to anima testing, and many other medicines including HAART, Penicillin, and Insulin all a result of the assisting of animals in the lab. So the debate of animal testing is still there but there is a number of advantages that it poses on the development of science and medicine, and is it worth getting rid of completely. The health of animals might be better but the health of humans would start to decline and deteriorate as the number of diseases and illnesses continue to escalate.
PETA, a organization that is fimiarized with almost every person above the age of 10. Known for there horrific images of animals and huge rally’s and petitions it is safe to say that PETA is one against the use of animals in medical and science conditions. Not only do they deem it unacceptable and morally unjust, they argue that just because you {the scientist} cured cancer or polio in a contained lab...

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