“Animal, Vegetable, Miserable” Essay

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Imagine sitting around eating you’re sitting in a restaurant eating your burger and you see a cow in the back. You might think was the cow that I’m eating mistreated? Or did they have a good quality life before they became my meal. This is why many decide to not eat meat at all because they fear what happened to that animal before it became their meal. Author Gary Steiner is an American moral philosopher, and Professor of Philosophy at Bucknell University. He explained this best in his paper Animal, Vegetable, and Miserable, along with other pieces of work that focused on animal rights.
Many people who think that the way that we treat animals in the process of raising those for human consumption are wrong never stop, to think what they can do to stop this problem from further occurring. Furthermore, they make impassioned calls for more “humanely” raised meat. Instead to soothe their consciences they shop for “free range” meat, and eggs; which has no importance. Even if an animal is raised ‘free range” it still lives s life of pain and suffering that all ends with a butcher’s knife. Although many know that over 53 billion land animals are slaughtered each year for human utilization they still tend to eat this meat with no problem. The simple explanation is that many don’t care what happens to animals as long as they are eating and healthy. If they did care then they would what could be a difficult choice; to go without eating meat and selling it in any form.
Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas make people to think about the way the animal that they are preparing to eat was treated, and will it affect their health from hormones and antibiotics being put into the animal. The author explains that even with all the questions that people ask themselves before they eat that animal; none think that it is wrong to kill animals for human consumption. Of those few people who do want to know they tend to find a variety of answers that justify the killing of animals in the name of human welfare. People who find out this information sometimes switch to vegans; society treats them wrongly for believing that the treatment of animals is associated with mass murder. Those who disagree that killing animals is mass murder argue in it two ways; that humans are made in God’s image and that animals were made for the sake of humans. Additionally, people argue that human capacity makes us capable of suffering which...

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