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Animal Worldview Essay

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A person’s worldview determines how everything he/she does, reacts, and treats others. Religion plays a big role in teaching what is right and wrong to do in life. If one’s beliefs taught them that dogs are food then the person is going to think it is okay to consume dog meat. Whereas the largest religion in the world, Christianity, the dog is known as a companion not an edible source. I was raised to believe in the religion Christianity. I consider myself to be a Christian and believe in God and that he created man. I live by the bible and consider pets to be treated as fairly as humans, farm animals treated with close care, and wildlife to have care available but also not to disturb the nature of the animal’s natural habitat too much.
Christianity is the belief that God created the world and everything in it, therefore all things created by God should be treated fairly. Treating something created by God poorly is considered a sin. There are times when people commit sins, but praying to God and asking for forgiveness is acceptable. The reason Christians pray and ask for forgiveness is to live a life in eternity in heaven. God will honor people into heaven who believe in him and ask for him to be in their lives. There are several different groups of Christians such as Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestantism. I am in the Baptist group, and my worldview is based off the bible.
The bible is my proof that there is a god who created mankind and died on a cross to provide eternal life for all his followers. I believe it is logically consistent that one man could have sacrificed himself for all others and created man himself. Now that you know my religion and reasons of it lets get more into how it effects my daily life and how I use it to influence my actions towards God’s creations.
First, I’ll start off with pets. I consider dogs, cats, fish, horses, etc. to be considered normal everyday pets. Having pets can be a big responsibility and there are definitely some guidelines to owning pets. I believe if someone owns a pet they should treat it as a loyal family member. There should always be food, water, shelter, and basic essentials for it to survive. My worldview influences me to love all animals, and I have a very strong love for my pets. It severely angers me off when people abuse and mistreat animals to make money off them or just get some type of satisfaction. For example, puppy mills are a horrible environment to raise dogs in just to profit some money off their young, and watching two dogs fight against each other until one kills the other is just plain cruel. God created all animals and humans on earth to be treated equally and in a fair manner. I do not believe in animal cruelty, and all animals are just as equal to humans in the world. Yes, humans are persuading what most animals may and may not do but if it is in a good manner and not harming the animal painfully then I consider that fair.
Having animals preform certain task to...

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