Animals Cruelty In Hong Kong:A Discussion About The Influence On The Society

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Animal cruelty is now a growing cause concern in Hong kong .And it sparks a frenzy of awareness from public and some organizations went on a demonstration to ask for law implementation .According to The society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (spca) annual review survey findings ,rescuing and handling over 7,000 animals as well as investigating nearly 900 cruelty complaints in 2012/2013 .This phenomena brings out a lot for influence to society.

For children,animal cruelty may affect their development of conduct disorder .Conduct disorder not only cruelty to animals ,but also stealing things ,attracting people or lying to other etc. The United States researchers have found that animal abuse is more likely when children grow up with violent tendencies, even kill people.Researches have a conclusion after interview 100 killers ,most of them had abused animals in different ways when they was young.It shows cruelty to animals will affect their behaviour .Seriously ,they may have dissocial personality disorder if they did not have treatment .And It is important to stop them from mistreat animals.When it brings out to society , other children may under the illusion that mistreat animals is acceptable behaviour in society and one of funny game,they learn from it .And there is a marked increase in the act of bullying other children in Hong Kong .Moreover,the problem of crime in Hong Kong intensifies.As an outpouring of abuser commit a crime ,he may punish by imprisonment and someone might get hurt by their crime .It affect other people’s safety .

For the adults,animal cruelty may affect their relationship with others .Because some people abuse animals regard as a way to reduce the pressure that from work or family .However, it is an early signs of domestic violence ,spouse battering or child abuse .Because abusers are resolving any things by resort to violence ,as they abuse animals in the domestic way.Then, it will break the relationship with...

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