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Speech on Mandatory Yearly Driving Tests for those over 65
Today I will be talking to you about elderly drivers and mandatory yearly driving tests for those over 65. Have you ever been driving to work or anywhere important, a bit on the late side, and get stuck behind an elderly person going about 20 miles below the speed limit? Or an elderly driver that just merges into your lane without looking? Most elderly drivers are not in the proper state to be driving, especially not on their own.
I have experienced this directly. My elderly neighbour was driving down the road and saw another car coming, she moved to the opposite side of the road and hit my brothers new, straight from the salon, parked M8 Prototype BMW. After denting, scratching and breaking, the entire passenger side of his car, she said that she hasn’t been driving for 17 years and didn’t see my brothers parked car there. If she had taken a driving test before getting behind the wheel after 17 years, then this entire outrageous incident could have been avoided. These elderly drivers should not be allowed behind the wheel of a car until they have proven that they are capable of driving or taking a driving test with stricter visual requirements. They have many health problems that massively and negatively affect our traffic safety and these mandatory tests can reduce that risk.
The AA company in Britain say that “There's no safe or unsafe age for a driver”. The number of older drivers on the roads has been increasing firmly and this is expected to continue and grow into shocking numbers.
By 2030 it is estimated that more than 90% of men over the age of 70 will be behind the wheel
By 2035 it is estimated that there will be 21 million older drivers on UK roads.
Nonetheless it is in everyone’s interest that our older motoring population drive safely and within their abilities, comfortably.
Everyone ages differently. There is no safe or unsafe age for a driver, On the other hand, older people are frailer and more likely to suffer serious injury in accidents. Casualty figures are higher because of this frailty rather than because they’re worse drivers. Older people are more likely to fatigue. It’s best to avoid long journeys, especially after meals or alcohol or ingesting anything that might upset your stomach.
Some elders might choose to avoid driving in the dark, driving on fast roads or in busy town centres, driving in bad weather or driving long distances.
Self-restriction is a sign of responsibility and can increase safety, comfort, and confidence
The right car can help a lot. Larger mirrors and bigger windows help all-round vision while bigger doors and higher seats can help getting in and out.
Try to stay in practice on the roads you frequently use. On the other hand, there will eventually come a day when you do have to give up driving. Decisions made at the time of retirement like choosing to live in the country can have a big effect if driving has to stop.
Elderly drivers should be...

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