Animals For Biomedical Research Essay

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ENG 101 Ethical Argument, Essay #2Assignment SheetName__________________________ Class nights______________ Due date_________________Worth 100 pointsAssignment: an ethical argument on an approved topic. This essay will be based on your thinking; no research is required. The paper must be word processed, double spaced, 500-1000 words, with some work done in class. Use the 6-paragraph essay structure (PA 599). See the Formatting Essay Guidelines sheet for specifics on formatting.Requirements:The essay:___ this assignment sheet is on top___ introductory, background, ethical analysis, evidence, refutation, and conclusion paragraphs___ formal sentence outline (I, A, 1, 2, B, 1, 2, II, A, etc.) (pp. 22-24 ​BH)___ thesis statement clearly states what the topic is and your main point (1e)___ a topic sentence begins each body paragraph that clearly supports the thesis statement (3a)___ supporting details (FEE) in each body paragraph support the topic sentence___ transitional expressions are used between idea shifts in paragraphs (p. 81 BH)___ concluding paragraph sums up main ideas or makes an observationPick one of the following approved topics to write on:1. Should animals be used for biomedical research?2. Do the benefits of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") of natural gas deposits outweigh the dangers?3. Should assisted suicide be legalized?4. Are tougher laws needed to combat distracted driving (texting)?5. Should the government cut the Internet connections of people who practice illegal file-sharing?6. Should fantasy sports leagues pay royalties to professional leagues and players?7. Do the potential benefits of national identification cards outweigh the potential risks?8. Should Americans pursue adoptions from countries with known adoption regulation abuses?9. Should junk food be taxed to discourage consumption?10. Should women be allowed in combat arms careers in the military?English Department Grading Sheet major errors:___ comma splice/run-on 20 BH___ fragment 19___ verb form error 27 ___ verb tense error 28agreement errors: ___ Subject-verb 21 ___ pronoun-antecedent 22___ spelling error 43 ___ apostrophe showing possession error (counts as spelling error) 36Other grading concerns:___ shifts in person or number 13 ___ do not use "you" 23d___ titles: italics or quotes? 42a-d / 37d ___ commas 32ENG 101 Guidelines for Formatting Essays:___ "MLA manuscript format" 54 BH___ No cover page (see sample on p. 56 BH). Put your name, the instructor's name, the essay # or name and the date...

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Should Animals be Used for Research?

1141 words - 5 pages . However, many will argue it is an unethical and inhumane way to treat animals, as science has made tremendous strides in evolution and can change their methods. With that being said, which argument holds more weight, cost and safety, over animal protection? Neither. The correct answer should be results. Is animal testing giving us the accuracy in results that we need? In my research paper, I will argue that animal testing should not be used for

Is the Killing of Animals for Research Okay?

1340 words - 5 pages Vivisection      Many people today, including scientists and doctors, are questioning the suffering and killing of animals for the sake of human beings. Is it morally correct to dissect a frog or a worm for the purpose of educating a high school student? On the other hand, must "We study life to protect life" (1:131) The issue of killing animals for the use of biomedical research, education, and cosmetics

Should animals be used for research in cosmetic industry?

615 words - 3 pages Should animals be used for research in cosmetic industry? Animal testing is widely used to develop new medicines and to test the safety of other products. These experiments can cause pain to the animals involved or reduce their quality of life in other ways. Animal experimenters are aware of this problem and agree that the testing should be made as humane as possible. While this practice has been followed for years now, some people still

Concern for the Treatment of Animals Involved in Scientific Research Illustrated in Suzuki's Article, Pain of Animals

598 words - 2 pages In the article, “The Pain of Animals”, David Suzuki expresses concern for the plight of animals studied and sacrificed in the name of modern scientific research. It is of great peril to mention that the basis behind the scientific research using model organisms is due to our common evolutionary history, and it is due to that shared evolutionary history that we are able to extrapolate the results of the research from one organism to another

Introducing Biomedical Engineering

1351 words - 6 pages field is expected to grow 27% between 2012 and 2022. Therefore, to do more detailed research necessary and very important for me to understand and know more about my major, and to find the specific study area within biomedical engineering I am interested in and start work on for my future career. Works Cited Biochemical engineering. (2014, April 29). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 17:06, May 5, 2014, from http

Biomedical Engineering

683 words - 3 pages has been created by advancements in technology. It is an interdisciplinary field that brings together two respected professions, biology and engineering. The profession was developed primarily after 1945, as a new technology allowed for the application of engineering principles to biology (2). Employers for biomedical engineers include hospitals, industry, research facilities of educational and medical institutions, teaching, and government

What is Bioengineering?

961 words - 4 pages Over the past few years, Biomedical engineering has emerged as one of the fastsest growing jobs in the world. This speedy growth has brought much attention to the field, but most people are unaware of the vast opprotunities offered in Biomedical engineering. The average person believes that Bioenegineering involves making artificial parts for the human body. This statement is true, but there are also many other complex disciplines in the

Animal Experimentation

1095 words - 4 pages IntroductionAnimal Experimentation is when scientific researchers use animals in biomedical and veterinary research aimed at understanding diseases, developing new medicines, testing the safety of chemicals, improving the health of other animals and improving human health. It has been part of biomedical and behavioural research for several centuries (millennia); experiments with animals were conducted in Greece over two thousand years ago.Animal

The Ethics of Animal Use in Biomedical Research

1986 words - 8 pages transformation of humans’ present relations to all sentient animals. They reject the idea that animals are merely human resources, and instead claim that they have value and worth in themselves. Animals are used, among other things, in basic biomedical research whose purpose is to increase knowledge about the basic processes of human anatomy. The fundamental wrong with this type of research is that it allows humans to see animals as here for them, to be

Animal Rights

1192 words - 5 pages Care and Use Committee, all employees are reviewed and accepted through the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International. A 2011 poll of 1,000 biomedical scientists agreed that the use of animals in research is essential. Animals often make better research subjects than human beings because they have a short life cycle (Ethics p.1). For instance laboratory mic live for only two to three years, researchers

The Use of Animals in Research

808 words - 3 pages battles for the ethical treatment of animals. PETA believes that they are the voice that the animals do not have and stand up for animals used in research. The opponents believe that the use of animals in research is critical to human and animal health as stated by Joy Mench, “According to the National Association for Biomedical Research, ‘virtually every major medical advance of the last century has depended upon research with animals’” (41).The

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Animals For Biomedical Research Essay

793 words - 3 pages )___ supporting details (FEE) in each body paragraph support the topic sentence___ transitional expressions are used between idea shifts in paragraphs (p. 81 BH)___ concluding paragraph sums up main ideas or makes an observationPick one of the following approved topics to write on:1. Should animals be used for biomedical research?2. Do the benefits of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") of natural gas deposits outweigh the dangers?3. Should assisted

Use Of Animals In Biomedical Research

2235 words - 9 pages Use of Animals in Biomedical Research": Patterns of conduct are not the issue. Animals do indeed exhibit remarkable behavior at times. Condition, fear, instinct, and intelligence all contribute to species survival. Membership in a community of moral agents nevertheless remains impossible for them. Actors subject to moral judgments must be capable of grasping the generality of an ethical premise in a practical syllogism. Humans act immorally

Why Animals Should Be Used In Biomedical Research.

559 words - 2 pages techniques, and many more contributions to the society of man. Animal research has also helped animals. There are vaccinations against distemper and rabies, treatment for parasites, surgery for hip dysplasia in dogs, arthritis in dogs and the protection of endangered species. The majority of animals used in biomedical research are involved in similar techniques used on humans, and involve little or no pain to the animals.A myth of animal research is

Should Animals Be Used For Medical Research?

1441 words - 6 pages : insulin, the polio vaccine, meningitis vaccine, penicillin, the elimination of smallpox, CT scanning for improved diagnosis, chemotherapy for leukemia, cervical cancer vaccine, the discovery of Herceptin for breast cancer, and more. According to statistics, dogs, cats and primates altogether account for less than 0.2% of research animals and 97% in the UK is done on mice, rats, fish and birds. Animals are used in research only when there is no way