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Imagine a poor, tiny mouse sitting in a cage. It is crouching down in the corner, quivering in fear. It has been injected with medications in the process of being approved for human use. It is slowly and painfully dying. We use animals for testing new products, like medications and beauty products that we end up using. Why should animals be put through such pain and agony for something we need? We are selfish and think we are the superior species, so we use animals instead of us. In my opinion, animals should not be used for testing and researching new products.
Each year, more than 100 million animals are killed during testing. Some of those animals end up dying before the experiment is ...view middle of the document...

Animal testing is ineffective and non reliable.
Many people think animal testing is the only option for testing medications or new products. That is simply just not true. There are many cheaper, faster methods that don’t involve animals. They provide more accurate results and don’t harm the lives of animals or humans. One method involves robotic technology. This can be used to screen thousands of chemicals at once, using cells grown in a lab. This method is reliable and noninvasive. Many people also believe that testing on animals is the cheap, easy option. Again, this isn’t true. Researchers are only driven to test on animals because of the money reward. If they weren’t thinking out the money they would receive, they last method they would choose would be animal testing. It is much more expensive because it cost large amounts of money to pay all the staff it takes to look after the animals. People also tend to believe that the animals used for testing are only mice and rats. That is false. Yes, mice and rats are used, but a large number of dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and monkeys are also used. Just think, your dog or rabbit could have been used for testing if you hadn’t adopted him.
Animal testing is unethical. Steve Brown, an undercover reporter, investigated a lab and found many disturbing scenes. He found an animal with a clamp left inside its body after surgery. He found animals left alone and in distress in the lab over a weekend. That is just cruel. Imagine having your throat cut and being forced to skome a cigarette through a tube. Imagine being painted with highly concentrated cigarette tar that leads to various...

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