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Animals That Lay Eggs Essay

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Poison dart frogs are small, rainforest-dwelling, poisonous frogs. The frogs, although deadly in the wild, when kept in captivity they are not poisonous. The reason for this is that there are ants in South America and Hawaiian islands that provide a massive amount of the frogs’ toxicity. The dart frogs, sometimes called poison arrow frogs, are usually 1.5 cm, and are brightly colored to ward off predators. Usually these frogs can lay eggs at 12 months of age, although it varies slightly based on habitat. The eggs take 13 days to hatch. The poison dart frog, depending on the habitat, can live to be 6 to 17 years old.
Ball pythons are one of the largest breeds of snakes and are constrictors, which means they squeeze their prey until it stops breathing. They are non-venomous, meaning they do not produce poison; pythons do not attack humans unless anxious or aggravated. Pythons lay eggs that are about 3 inches long and that vary in width proportional to the mother’s width. The female can lay any number from 2-10 eggs in one clutch, with the average being 6. Ball pythons are named this for their tendency to curl up into a ball to protect its head when frightened. Ball pythons can live to around 20 years. The oldest captive Ball Python was 48 years old when it died.
There are many types of salmon that live in numerous different places. This specific type of Salmon lives in the Pacific Ocean and is the largest species that lives there; it is diadromous, which means a salmon will spend half its life in the ocean and the other half in freshwater. Young salmon live in freshwater, and then they move on to mixed salt and freshwater areas. When the fish is mature, it will live in the open ocean. The Chinook Salmon lays its eggs in deep water that has medium sized rocks and good water flow. They can live about 3-7 years if kept in an estuary for the first year of its life to guard it from predators. Adult Chinook salmon eat smaller fish, while the baby salmon eat little invertebrates.
Emperor penguins are the tallest of all penguins, at 45 inches high. They cannot fly, and live in Antarctica and in the freezing waters around there. Female Emperor Penguins lay one egg and then leave it. Her mate takes care of it for a while, during the time that she is out feeding. When she returns to her mate and the newly hatched chick, she regurgitates some of the food in her stomach to feed the baby. She cares for the young penguin while the male emperor penguins go out to sea in search of food, and it takes him much longer than it did for her because the area of the ice has expanded in the cold. This cycle...

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