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A concept that I will never understand. Why is human life more important than an animals? Humans are the most selfish, greedy, and destructive creatures that walk this earth. So why are they so important? When I voice my opinion, religious views and reasoning are shoved down my throat; God created humans to dominate all other species. Humans are not anymore dominant than animals are, and those who thinks so are ignorant. I would protect an animals life over a humans any day, and others should understand why; animals are not given as much respect and credit they deserve, and society should care for the life of an animals just as much as their own. Animal abuse, testing, entertainment, and different religious views all can be argued back and forth between what is right or wrong, and this is because people view things as how they will be benefited from the situation, what the personal gain they receive is, instead of having an open mind to various options that benefit all species involved.

One of the most controversial arguments throughout society is the question: is it morally acceptable to experiment on animals for human purposes? In my eyes, of course not, there are prisons full of rapists, murderers, pedophiles etc. why should an animal that has done nothing wrong suffer? Now while giving my opinion it’s important to have an open mind and understand all aspects. And yes, I do agree that some animal testings for diseases or cures have been beneficial to us and worth it. If it weren’t for medical research with animals we would not know if the next drug we use would kill us. And in a lot of cases animal testing has saved many lives, both human and non-human. Due to animal based research scientist have gained a lot of beneficial knowledge having to do with HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, birth defects, and many more. Studies with animals have concluded that folic acid, a B vitamin, helps prevent serious birth defects of the brain and spinal cord when taken before conception and early in pregnancy. Other animal studies have found proteins that revive dormant brain cells. Scientists have been able to produce and grow a dopamine-producing cell line and test it in mouse models of Parkinson’s disease ("Animal Research Benefits”). Without the education gained from some of these animal based research, society would be in the dark of some of the most remarkable discoveries we have today. It is okay to hurt one thing if it will help for the greater good in the end, which is why animal testing is fair when it comes to medical experiments and research, and have given scientist an unbelievable amount of knowledge; but when it comes to testing for favorite hair products, perfumes and make ups, that is where the line should be drawn. Some of the tortuous procedures inflicted onto the animals being tested to make sure humanities “favorite products” aren’t harmful are quite revolting. Test condoned include the Draize Eye Test (Farley): which is a skin...

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