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Animated Film Shrek Essay

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Animated Film Shrek

The animated film “Shrek” deals with issues and outcomes of avoiding
change, but also ultimately conveying change is inevitable. Within the
beginning of the film, Shrek is portrayed to be an intimidating,
aggressive, cruel and lonely ogre who has no friendly form of
interaction with any other life. He secludes himself from the world
because he fears there judging views; Shrek without a doubt believes
he is atrociously tormenting to look at, therefore hides his belief by
concealing it under his aggression towards all forms of life.

Through the opening scene of the film, where Shrek is within an
outhouse reading a fairytale, with the typical ending line he read “…
and they lived happily ever after”, Shrek sniggers whilst tearing the
page out and sarcastically says “yeah right, as if that’s ever going
to happen”, this displays Shrek’s unworthy attitude of life but also
his pessimism is exaggerated through his degrading words and sarcastic
perspective. Shrek tries to create fear towards all forms of life by
indirectly degrading himself, through the depiction of a sign in
attempt to prohibit any one nearing his swamp, he hand painted on the
sign “beware of ogre… stay out” with a fearsome painting of himself.

Consequently when Shrek meets Princess Fiona, and discovers her hidden
truth; her curse, Shrek’s perspective develops into a more
understanding manner. Changing from being sarcastic and bitter to a
sensitive and more considerate ogre, Shrek displays his change of
heart and attitude by picking flowers for Princess Fiona, where they
both progressively throughout the film grow to love one another.

The understanding of characters feelings and situations, to the
audience are enhanced with an inner perspective by the use of the
dialogue, colours within certain scenes and the visual representation
of Shrek. Shrek is depicted to be as verbally disturbing as he is
visually portrayed, as he remains the same visually in the end his
heart was deeply emphasised revealing his love for Princess Fiona.

The irony is in the end “…they lived happily ever after”, but ideally
within the film change was absent in the beginning, and as the filmed
progressed change was entwined silently. Involuntarily change crept on
Shrek allowing self, emotional and personal change to occur. And
furthering accepting the change, as reality is change is inevitable.

Lyrics of a Song – “Breakaway”

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song reveals that there is a path to freedom, and how to separate from
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present (changing/changes) with choices for...

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