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Animated World Essay

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In the classrooms of the health science center, beholds a department most students are not familiar with. Think about the games you play on tablets, phones, laptops and consoles. All animated. Technology is booming, and so is the animation industry. Glendale College has a successful animation program that consists of around nine classes each semester that are instructed by experienced professors.
Some of the professors in this department are Yina Chang, and Roger Dickers.
Chang teaches Art 233 (Character set-up) and Art 235 (character animation), and teaches hands on skill that prepare her students for the animation industry. The Software they use is Maya, an animation program used ...view middle of the document...

His role was to set up the visual effects, which is the process before animation begins. He teaches modeling, digital sculpture and introduction to animation.
Animation is used in several customs that most people may not be aware of. One example would be in the medical field. When you go to the doctor and see a visual model of the body or any other model, it is made from animation. Animation is anything 3D, and any visual that can be seen at 360 degrees. Also, it is used in the court room. When simulations are made to exemplify how a car crashed, they are animated models to replica how the cars collided.
One of the misconceptions of animation is that it’s very similar to playing video game or watching an animated-film. However, animation is very technical and deals with much more. Some of the types of animation are character, effect, upjid, and dynamic animation. Character animation deals with how the character moves and acts and effect animation is the process of creating debris, weather and geographical aspects. Dynamic animation deals with computer scientist related material and upjid is how lifeless objects are simulated, such as planes and cars.

Glendale College is approximately six miles from Warner Brothers, Disney, DreamWorks, and several smaller animation industries, which means that GCC students have a higher possibility to be recruited for these big time...

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