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During my childhood I wanted to be a doctor; my teens, a veterinarian. Now that I’m soon to finish high school, I’ve decided I want to be an animator. Animation has been around since the beginning of 1900s, there are a variety of animation styles which make it more interesting. Since I want to pursue a career in animation, I will start with a graphic design degree. It will help me start a foundation with drawing and using the software used by animators. Drawing is a necessity for animation. Though I’m bad at it, I finally have the motivation to practice. I love animation, and have a burning passion to start learning how to animate.
Why animation? Since 1908 animated films have been around. Around the 1910s short animated films started, and since has been catering to children around the world. Companies such as Pixar, DreamWorks, and Disney are known for animation. Remembering back to when I was a child, I loved animated cartoons, I still do. I based my passion for the love of animation and decided to become an animator.
Animation has come far from where it’s started. At first there is traditional animation which is drawn by hand, each frame drawn a bit different than the one before. Next in popularity came stop motion animation which is manipulating real-world objects, similar to traditional, moving such object frame by frame. Using objects made of materials such as clay, puppet figures, and cutouts. In this century, the most popular style of animation is 3D animation.
3D animation is a type of animation that is created with computer programs like Autodesk and Blender. The most popular type of 3D animation is photo-realistic. Up, Kung-Fu Panda, and Ice Age are photo-realistic animation movies. This type of animation is used to resemble real life, mimicking details in things like skin, water, and plants. Before I get into animation, I am going to get an associates in graphic design
Graphic design is a career consisting of creating visual concepts by hand or using computer software. They develop the overall layout design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and websites. One of the main tools of a graphic artist. They draw up most of the designs on paper,...

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