Animation And The History Of Computer Animation

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Animation is the graphic representation of imparting life, spirit, motion, or activity. It is a series of drawings that are linked together to create motion. Most animation use to be created by hand drawn images photographed by a camera. The drawings are slightly changed between each frame, to give the illusion of seamless movement. Animation over the years has become an art form with many new ideas and technologies helping to improve it.There have been many experiments in producing the illusion of motion. One of the first of these experiments was named the 'Thaumatrope'. This experiment was done in 1826, and was important, as it was one of the first to successfully achieve motion, by making two spinning images appear as if they had merged together. The next major step in animation was named the 'Phenakistoscope' consisting of two discs mounted on the same axis. The first disc had slots around the edge, and the second contained drawings of successive action, drawn around the disc in concentric circles. When this was viewed in a mirror through the first disc's slots, the pictures on the second disc will appear to move. This was important because it shows how different pictures stung together can give the illusion of motion, creating new ideas and new experiments. Headwear Muybridge, a British photographer, took the idea of having flowing images and applied them to photos so that he could re-create more realistic animation like racing horses and men fencing. Throughout the mid 1800's more and more people were experimenting with the idea of the slit motion. The Zoetrope appeared publicly in 1864, and was important, as and is when animation became more of a form of entertainment that anything previously. From this, spawned the idea that animation can and is a successful form of entertainment, and in 1984 the Mutoscrope was invented. This was a penny arcade style form of animation with the most popular of the series being "What The Butler Saw". All the events where important because they started to shape the path for animation.Another important milestone in the history of animation was when a list of traditional principles of animation where invented and developed by The Disney Team in the early 1930's. These principles are as follows; Stretch and Squash - this principle is important because it helps make the characters of the animations more believable as it giving the illusion that they contain weight and mass. In changing the shape-not the volume it allowed the animators to make more realistic characters. Anticipation revolved around the idea that the audience must be prepared for the next movements and expect it before it actually occurs. Staging helps the animator's show what is the point of the scene as well as what moods and actions may take place in the scene. celluloid Drawings help the animators also show height, depth, mass and to make their characters more realistic. The principle of Flow Though and Overlapping Action also helps in...

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1251 words - 6 pages Of Film & Television, (69), 50-52. Pierson, R. (2012). On Styles of Theorizing Animation Styles: Stanley Cavell at the Cartoon's Demise. Velvet Light Trap: A Critical Journal Of Film & Television, (69), 17-26. Riffel, C. (2012). Dissecting Bambi: Multiplanar Photography, the Cel Technique, and the Flowering of Full Animation. Velvet Light Trap: A Critical Journal Of Film & Television, (69), 3-16. Skrba, L., Reveret, L., Hétroy, F., Cani, M., & O'Sullivan, C. (2009). Animating Quadrupeds: Methods and Applications. Computer Graphics Forum, 28(6), 1541-1560. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8659.2008.01312.x

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1842 words - 8 pages Critical Journal Of Film & Television, (69), 17-26. Riffel, C. (2012). Dissecting Bambi: Multiplanar Photography, the Cel Technique, and the Flowering of Full Animation. Velvet Light Trap: A Critical Journal Of Film & Television, (69), 3-16. Skrba, L., Reveret, L., Hétroy, F., Cani, M., & O'Sullivan, C. (2009). Animating Quadrupeds: Methods and Applications. Computer Graphics Forum, 28(6), 1541-1560. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8659.2008.01312.x

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