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Anime As Japan's Soft Power In Indonesia

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The World War II had ended, yet Japan still has a reputation problem from other Asian countries. They still think that Japan hasn’t shown a deep remorse of the war dead, especially for the war victims from the related countries. On the other hand, Japan itself has been trying to rebuild its international image. Soon after the World War finished, Japan started whittling down its military force. It made non-military force, also known as soft power, as Japan state’s new force to get the trust back from other countries afterwards. According to Nye (2008), the term of “soft power” means to get others to want what you want through attraction rather than coercion or payment which rests on culture, values, and policies.
In Indonesia, the medium of Japan’s soft power is quite diverse, such as manga, anime, cosplay, etc. They are all though cultural acquaintance. Sumo is the newest medium which was acquainted. In August 2013, Indonesia hosted a Sumo tournament in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, as a commemoration of diplomatic relationship between Indonesia and Japan for 55 years. Despite there are some mediums in Indonesia, anime and manga are two of the most powerful mediums in Indonesia. These cultural products seem to have the best of both worlds, distinctively Japanese in style and yet have universal appeal among the youth (Lam, 2007). They have been remained in Indonesia for quite a long time. Anime has been broadcast on national television on Sundays. However, it is getting less frequent in the present day.
This paper will emphasize about Manga and Anime as mediums for Japan’s soft power in Indonesia. It is only focused on anime and manga rather than others because of three reasons. First is anime has been broadcasted on national television in Indonesia for quite a long time. Manga has been widely read by Indonesian people. Second is according to the survey conducted by Yomiuri Shimbun, 10 September 2006 written in Lam (2007), anime and manga ranks in the first place for attraction to Japanese cultural products in Indonesia. Third is the writer is quite familiar of anime and manga as the writer grew up by watching some anime programs on Sundays and reading some manga. This paper comprehends 4 parts; introduction, history of anime in Indonesia, the discussion of this topic, and conclusion of the discussion.

B. History of Anime and Manga in Indonesia
According to Hikari (2012), Anime was acquainted in 1980s. It was in cassette video, yet to be broadcast on television. However, European and American cartoons were dominating the market during that time. Not long afterwards, Japan’s anime could overtake the cartoon market in Indonesia from European’s and American’s dominations. Starting from 1990s, some Japan’s anime programs were started to be broadcasted on television, such as Doraemon, Sailormon, Dragon Ball, and many more. Kids called Sunday as a Golden day as they could watch anime programs started from 6 am until 11 am. People saw anime...

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