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Amber JergensenProfessor PattonEnglish 1B7 May 2014Western Animation and Eastern AnimationWeather someone is looking at their television set or at their computer monitor, everyone enjoys watching something. Now everyone is different some like reality television, some like drama shows, and others like watching the news. In contrast though, everyone enjoys a good cartoon once in a while. Though just like technology, everything has advanced. True there have been some great cartoons that will never be replaced, for who could replace America's favorite toons, the Looney Toons. Nevertheless time goes on and with each new generation that comes along we must find a way to make life not only more progressive but enjoyable. The quality of western animation goes down each year and there are less and less good animated shows on to watch. Slowly but surely more people are turning to Eastern Animation. Western Animation are known as Cartoons and Eastern Animation is known Anime. There has been many debates on Eastern Animations or Anime and Western Animation or cartoons on which is the superior genre. Not only will we discuss the cultural differences of the two, we will also take a journey through history of anime and cartoons, along with what the future holds for the two and which of the two maybe superior one.Let's travel back in time to where anime first started showing up. During the 1940's the first time we start seeing any sort of animation however, around the 1960's is when a different style of animation came to the US. In Japan around the 1940's or much so throughout the art world history many artists are were oppressed and were social outcasts labeled by the government. History shows that if the government did not like the artists' paintings of self-expression then the artists' would be banned from hanging the art up in public view, which in turn is putting a limit on creative expression which also oppresses the artist.Later in another part of the world, Walt Disney was struggling to launch his career. After the creation of Mickey Mouse Disney had finally had launched his career. Once the second great World War had begun though the Disney franchise had lost a great deal of money due to the war. That didn't stop Disney from making movies though. Disney produced movies like Dumbo and Bambi along with a couple other films. After the War Disney struggled to get back on is feet. Disney starting selling a package of short films together, one of which included Melody Time. Around the 1950's Disney finial made it back to the top. Without Disney the world would not have some of the animations that is has today.One of the main thing that make Anime stand out is that Anime is watched by a much larger audience because it's for people of all ages. Over the years anime is growing and its popularity is quickly growing in the US. The first Japanese animated show to come across the sea was known as Tetsuwan Atomu meaning the Mighty Atom. The main character featured...

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