Anna Garcia Formal Case Summary Principles Of Biomedical Sciences 9 Assignment

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Principles of Biomedical Sciences
Anna Garcia was found dead in her home on August 14th, at 9:56 am. Anna Garcia is a 38-year-old Hispanic female. She is 5,4 (64 inches) and weighs 165 pounds. She was found lying face down in the entry hallway. The ambient temperature in the house was a comfortable 73 degrees Fahrenheit. An opened bottle of aspirin was on the floor, as well as a spilled glass of orange juice and an overturned table.  
Evidence found at a crime scene can be used to identify or exonerate potential suspects. There are many different methods of evidence. Fingerprinting is used to record the fingerprints of potential suspects and analyze ridge patterns, or similar minutiae.  Anna's fingerprints were found on the orange glass that was on the floor of the crime scene in Anna's house. When collecting blood evidence, you can put two separate serums in a sample of blood and see which one begins to clump—this can help determine whose blood was found at the crime scene. Anna's blood was found. There are many different kinds of shoe patterns, shapes and sizes. With shoe print analysis, all it takes is a careful eye to compare shoe prints to that found at a crime scene and with the suspects. Hair can be tricky—in order to determine...

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