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Vickie Lynn Hogan grew up in a small, Texas town. She was a product of a difficult childhood due to poverty, her father leaving, and her mother having little to do with her. Feeling the pressures of poverty and the lack of love shown by her mother, Vickie eventually dropped out of school and married Billy Smith at the age of 17. A year after the nuptials she gave birth to a baby boy for which she claims she devoted her life to. The marriage to Billy was short lived and within a year after the birth of their son, she divorced him. (Anna, 2008)
As a single mother, Vickie worked multiple low paying jobs and then became an exotic dancer. Exotic dancing was done under various assumed names for which she became known as Anna Nicole Smith. While dancing Anna scoped out older men and eventually tied the knot with an 89 year old, oil tycoon. Anna only 26 years old claimed she was in love and age did not matter. However, Anna showed no love for her husband as she did not sleep in the same part of his house, had multiple affairs, and showed no empathy towards her husband even when he was dying. The oil tycoon was only a financial means to glamour and stardom. Anna treated herself to extravagant, celebrity lifestyle she had always wanted, starting with a breast enlargement. She hired bodyguards, photographers, talent agents, attorneys and other support staff. After her husband’s death, she fell into a legal battle over the estate with her stepson. The years of legal trouble led to Anna to lose the stardom status and she was labeled a “gold digger” by the public. (Anna, 2008)
The legal battle went on for years and a history of massive weight swings, ingestion of large amounts of diet pills, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse took over Anna’s life. (Anna, 2008)
Smith also suffered from chronic pain syndrome, seizures, migraine headaches, and insomnia for which see sought out various prescription drugs to help with the effects of these problems. (Kesner, 2007)
Her life turned into a spectacle of erratic actions, most of the time she seemed as if she was drunk or drugged out of her mind. She put her life under a microscope for anyone to analyze and always acted as if no one else mattered. Anna’s life was a circle of lies that made way to public interest such as the birth of her daughter to an unnamed father or the tragedy of her eldest dying of an overdose three days after the birth of her daughter. (Anna, 2008) Smith was a poster child for public humiliation and seemed to be ok with whatever the media portrayed her as after the death of her son; Anna fell into a deep depression that eventually caused her own demise. Anna Nicole Smith died of an overdose when she was only 39 years old.
Anna Nicole Smith’s life shows that she had many influences on how she acted in life, starting from her troubled childhood and into adulthood. Society also sculpted Anna into the person that thrived for attention of spectators. Anna did not care who would be hurt or left out...

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