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Anna's Moment Essay

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Not too long a go there was a place less in habited by warm people; it was a flourishing place but not quite quaint to the eyes, at least not by technologies’ touch. There in the city of Delta Junction, Alaska lived a young woman named Anna Ray Crip. Anna lived along the Tanana River in a cabin that matched the evergreens, under the aurora borealis, and millions upon millions of stars.
One night while family was visiting Anna fell into a coma, unexpectedly during the middle of winter in 1994 that was the time when the sun never rose above the Alaska Mountain range. Locals called it cabin fever from the long winter and very little if any sun light. They said a lot of people lurked about ...view middle of the document...

It was about 30 minutes later and there was a knock at the door, she answered it. In shock there was a crowd of people standing on her from lawn. They yelled at her to look and took pictures of her. Later after the crowd had calmed down they asked her questions. In which she had to answers for only that she woke up and thought she had just a long night and a headache. They told her that she had been a sleep like “Sleeping Beauty” for over 20 years. She asked them how they knew! She asked how they found her. All at one they said “Anna’s Moments” they said she was famous and they found her by way of GPS. She was thoroughly confused at this point. They told “times” were different and showed her the digital pictures they had taken of her and others add to Blog account and Facebook, they gave her a MP3 player and showed her new music, she wondered where the tapes her to play this music.
Anna was not to impressed she felt that her privacy was invaded! They knew every movement and filmed it and everyone knew her! She wondered where her family was, were they apart of this madness. She asked a few people where her mother was. They almost simultaneously replied that her mother was here and she was the owner of this blog.
Anna’s mother came to her weak, wrinkled now in her late 80s, she thought how time has ages her. They talked about the time she was gone and that they could do nothing and how Erin, Anna’s mother could no longer take...

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