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Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee Essay

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Edgar Allen Poe is highly known for his literature, in which he intended to frighten his readers and leave them with chills up their spines by inducing feelings of horror and terror.In one of Poe’s most famous poems “Annabel Lee”, he demonstrates the theme of love being accompanied by jealousy and loneliness, even after death by using repetition, mood and symbolism in a eerie and frightening fashion.
While Poe is highly known for his horror stories he is also known for his phenomenal use of repetition in his poems.A classic example of Poe’s use of repetition is “Annabel Lee”. Throughout the entirety of the poem, the word “love” is frequently used. This is made apparent in the second stanza in which Poe expresses “ we loved with a love that was more than love” (Poe, 9). By using “love/ loved” multiple times it effectively demonstrates the relationship between the two (American Writer). With the amount of intensity the speaker places on the word love, it establishes his true love and passion for Annabel Lee. Through out the Poem, the continuity of love plays a major role such as in lines nine through twelve when Poe states that they loved “with a love that the wingèd seraphs of Heaven” (Poe, 9). Through repeating phrases with ”love" and “loved" it shows the prominence as their passion for each other evolves. (American Writer). By frequently using the words “love and loved” it engraves the true depth of the feelings the speaker has for Annabel Lee into the the readers mind. Throughout the beginning of the the poem the speaker uses repetition to describe the love amongst him and Annabel Lee by describing her as “this maiden she lived with no other thought/ Than to love and be loved by me”(Poe3-6). As in the majority of stories, most would expect Poe to set the scene and introduce the characters, but rather the speaker repetitively describes to the reader about Annabel Lee, showing his early obsessive love for her (Billy). Over the course of the poem, Poe includes the word “love/ loved” fourteen times to emphasize the theme of never ending love he has for Annabel Lee even after her death.
Another key piece to Edgar Allan Poe’s success in the field of poetry is his extraordinary use of eerie and horror moods within his work. This holds true in “Annabel Lee” in examples such as “That the wind came out of the cloud by night, Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee. But our love it was stronger by far than the love” (Poe).When Poe describes Annabel Lees death with words like ”chilling" and “killing”, it brings out the horror of Annabel Lee's death and determines the mood for the hopelessness technique of mourning that the speaker reveals in the final stanza (American Writer). By describing the way Annabel Lee died, it creates a bone chilling image inside the readers mind as well as with the negative connotation “chilling and killing” have. Towards the conclusion of “Annabel Lee” the speaker describes Annabel Lee’s final resting place by stating “ In...

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