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Anne Boleyn, the epitome of greed and the struggle for power, inspired a revolution in 16th century England that changed its religious and political face forever. What began as a love affair defined England's future as the lone Protestant country in Europe.
Anne’s birth date is not exactly known neither is her birth place. She was said to be insignificant and unimportant to record such dates and places. Finally her name was soon recorded because as a daughter to a somewhat noble family, she had to take her place as a lady in waiting because it was a tradition for most noble Tudor families. Anne Boleyn and her sister Mary were both sent to France in their early teens to finish their education as ladies in waiting at the French court. During her early years in France Anne Boleyn acquired the sophistication and elegance of the French court. She also acquired her taste for beautiful and elegant clothes. Anne Boleyn returned to England after 7 years in France where she was also taught music, dance and poetry. Anne Boleyn took up a position and joined her sister Mary Boleyn at the English royal court as lady-in-waiting to Queen Katharine of Aragon. In 1525, King Henry VIII had an affair with her married sister, Mary Boleyn. It was a short affair during which time Henry's attention was drawn towards Anne Boleyn. On March 4 1526, Mary Boleyn gave birth to a son, named Henry, he was widely assumed to be the son of King Henry VIII although was not acknowledged as such. Although Henry diverted his attention to Anne Boleyn, she did not in love with Henry VIII as fast as he did with her. Anne had seen how her sister Mary had given into the King and been quickly discarded (“Tudor” 2). Anne had no intention of making this mistake. She made it clear that she would only give herself to the King if they were married. She simply stated to him, “I would rather lose my life than my honesty” (“Tudor” 2). So, King Henry VIII began his quest to get rid of Queen Katherine and marry Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn was said to look very ordinary, pale, with black hair and black eyes (“Queen” 1). This complexion was the complete opposite of the beau ideal of fair hair with blue eyes (Fraser 122). She also had a mole the size of a strawberry on her neck (“Queen” 1), known at that time period as the “Devil’s Pawmark”(Lofts 36), and an extra finger on her left hand (“Queen” 1). These unusual qualities that Anne had been know to be related to witchery, which would relate to one of the many reasons for her execution. The Venetian ambassador describing her pronounced her “not one of the handsomest women in the world” (Fraser 122). But those that were loyal to her spoke of her in a different way. To others she was known to be very attractive with beautiful eyes, a long neck, and dark silky hair (Fraser 123).
Henry VIII told Cardinal Wolsey that his marriage to Queen Katherine was an offense to God, since it was his dead brother’s wife. Cardinal Wolsey was to annul the marriage...

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