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Anne Bradstreet was the first American poetess of British origin. She was the first female writer whose poems were published in newly colonized America. Her father, Thomas Dudley, in England worked as steward of Earl of Lincoln. In 1628 Anne married Simon Bradstreet. In 1630 both families moved to America on the ship "Arabella". Voyage lasted for three months. In the New World, her father became governor of Massachusetts Colony, and was subsequently replaced by the husband of Anne.
Anne had poor health, suffered a difficult journey. In 1666 the family experienced a strong fire, which, among other things, almost entirely burned down the library where Anne received a good education (in the library had 800 volumes on the history, theology, medicine, political science); there is even a poem by Bradstreet dedicated to this fire which made so much harm to her family. Following these events, she developed tuberculosis, she lost her daughter. It was supported by faith, will, and help of loved ones.
Bradstreet’s poetry is fully religious. Being a pious woman, as everyone was at that time period, she wrote poems claiming high morals and religious motifs. Her writings were very popular among puritans who started colonizing America. His Puritan belief was the reason of her special attitude to her life, soul and sufferings. “She thought that God was so hard on her because her soul was too in love with the world. She also wrote some poems where she asked God to watch over her children and husband” (Gonzalez, 2000).
Bradstreet poems are full of hints on this belief of her. Anna herself mostly prized lengthy religious poem of the conventional plots belonging to her pen: the change of seasons, and so on, whereas most modern readers like her witty poems on themes of everyday life and imbued with love and warmth of poems addressed to her husband and children. She drew inspiration from verses in the English poets, metaphysicians, and in a collection of her poems, "The Tenth Muse", was influenced by Edmund Spenser, Philip Sidney and other English poets. She often resorted to bizarre and rather lengthy metaphors. In his poem "To my dear and loving husband" (1678) used images of oriental...

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