Anne Bradstreet Emotions Upon The Burning Of Our House

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Question 1Marks: 1Gene expression is prevented when a repressor binds to the group of genes involved in the same function.Answer:True False CorrectCorrectMarks for this submission: 1/1.Question 2Marks: 1DNA ligase can seal the sticky ends of a DNA fragment.Answer:True False CorrectCorrectMarks for this submission: 1/1.Question 3Marks: 1Enzymes that cut DNA molecules at specific placesChoose one answer.

a. work only on bacterial DNA.

b. have sticky ends.

c. always break the DNA between guanine and adenine.

d. are restriction enzymes.


CorrectMarks for this submission: 1/1.Question 4Marks: 1Photosynthesis is a process that takes place in autotrophs.Answer:True False CorrectCorrectMarks for this submission: 1/1.Question 5Marks: 1In a new habitat, pioneer species are eventually replaced by other plant immigrants.Answer:True False CorrectCorrectMarks for this submission: 1/1.Question 6Marks: 1The destruction of rain forests leads toChoose one answer.

a. All of these.


b. the extinction of many species of animals.

c. a lessening of the world's biological diversity.

d. the extinction of many species of plants.

CorrectMarks for this submission: 1/1.Question 7Marks: 1During the process of exocytosis, the cell membrane extends to engulf substances that are too big to pass through the cell membrane.Answer:True False CorrectCorrectMarks for this submission: 1/1.Question 8Marks: 1All living things require a source of ____________________ to carry out their life activities.Answer:CorrectCorrectMarks for this submission: 1/1.Question 9Marks: 1Secondary succession occursChoose one answer.

a. after a new food web is established.

b. None of the above

c. as one generation of organisms replaces the previous one.

d. as a previously existing community is replaced.


CorrectMarks for this submission: 1/1.Question 10Marks: 1Oxygen, O23, reacts with carbon dioxide in the upper atmosphere to form ozone, O.Answer:True False CorrectCorrectMarks for this submission: 1/1.Question 11Marks: 1Genetics is the branch of biology that involves the study of how different traits are transmitted from one generation to the next.Answer:True False CorrectCorrectMarks for this submission: 1/1.Question 12Marks: 1The major atmospheric by-product of photosynthesis isChoose one answer.

a. nitrogen.

b. oxygen.


c. carbon dioxide.

d. water.

CorrectMarks for this submission: 1/1.Question 13Marks: 1Scientists hypothesize that DNA may have acted as a catalyst in the formation of the first proteins.Answer:True...

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