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Anne Frank And Hello Silberberg Essay

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This first chapter of her diary contains the diary entries between June 14, 1942 and June 30, 1942. Anne starts her diary with the hope that she can reveal everything and anything to it, since she has never really been able to confide in anyone. In the first chapter Anne says that on June 12th it was her thirteenth birthday and for her birthday she received this diary. Anne then tells how she was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1929 and in 1933 her family moved to Holland because they were Jewish. She then tells us that he family lives somewhat of an anxious life because she still had family living in Germany, but then her grandma came to Holland with them and her two uncles fled to North ...view middle of the document...

Anne’s father is furious and Anne promises him that she will be home before eight in the future. Anne confesses to her diary that she is really in love with this boy named Peter, whom is dating other girls, and that she considers Hello just a friend.
Anne’s father explains that they will most likely have to go into hiding soon and that is the reason that they have been asking friends to store their belongings. Margot, Anne’s sister, tells Anne that father had received a notice call from the SS, elite Nazi guard, but latter when they were alone in their room Margot tells Anne it was not their father who received the call, it was her. The next day they pile on as many layers as possible, since they can’t risk bringing suitcase. Margot leaves the house first to head for the secret annex, then later in the evening Anne leaves the house heading for the secret annex.
The third chapter of her diary contains the diary entries between July 11, 1942 and October 9,1942. In this chapter Anne tells that her sister, her mother, and he father cannot get used to the chiming clock that is in the annex, but Anne tells her diary that she feels reassured by the chiming. She tells her diary, kitty, that she feels like she is on vacation in a strange boarding house, and that the annex is probably the coziest hiding spot in Holland. Her father had brought her movie posters to the annex prior to their arrival so she tells her diary how she plastered her walls with the movie posters. Anne says that her mother and sister are very sentimental and that she feels she doesn’t fit in with them. Anne feels that he father is the only member of her family that understands her. The Van Daan family, whom will be staying with Anne’s family in the annex, arrives one day early because German call-up notices were being sent out with increasing urgency and they were causing unrest.
Mr. Van Daan tells what happened after Anne’s family left Germany, the Frank’s told false rumors before they left to throw the Gestapo off their trail, so most of their friends think they went to Switzerland. In this chapter Anne says that Mr. Voskuijl, the father of one of Otto Frank’s coworkers, builds a bookcase in front of the annex door in order to make sure no one finds them. Anne tells Kitty, her diary, that her and the other annex residence must take turns using the hot water to take baths, and every time the plumber comes they must sit completely still. She also says that every time the doorbell rings she is terrified and thinks that it’s the Gestapo.
The fourth chapter of her diary contains the diary entries between October 16, 1942 and November 20, 1942. In this chapter Anne writes that she is getting along with her mother and Margot better. Anne tells that she and Margot allowed each other to...

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