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Anne Frank Biography Essay

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When people think of World War II, some may have the idea of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who wrote in a diary of her life while hiding from the Nazis. However, some people may not know the whole story. Such as the early life of Anne Frank, life in hiding, and time in the concentration camps were anything but humane to what we know about our society today.
Anne’s childhood played a major role in her life although it may have not been as complicated as the rest of her life. Anneliese Marie Frank was born on June 12th in 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany and her parents were Otto and Edith Frank (Anne Frank). Her father was a lieutenant during World War I, but later became a ...view middle of the document...

The room was walled off by a bookcase that prevented people from figuring out this was a hiding place (Anne Frank Museum Amsterdam). With the help of Otto’s trusted employees; Johannes Kleiman, and Miep Gies who helped prepare the annex for the Franks (Anne Frank). Miep and Johannes took a huge risk on their lives in the event of getting caught, by helping the Franks, they also helped by smuggling food and clothing into the Annex (Anne Frank). On July 13th, 1942 Hermann Van Pels and his wife, Auguste Van Pels, and their sixteen year old son, Peter Van Pels came to join the Franks in the annex (Shmoop Editorial Team). While hiding in the annex, Anne grows lonely and begins to talk to Peter Van Pels, the son of Hermann Van Pels (Shmoop Editorial Team). Together they both talk about the loneness they both experience and soon become close (Shmoop Editorial Team). Anne even begins to develop feeling for Peter (Shmoop Editorial Team). In her diary she discusses her confusion of her feelings, as she tries to figure out whether she has feelings between Peter Van Pels, or another boy named Peter from school (Shmoop Editorial Team). She also explains that she sometimes gets the two of them confused (Shmoop Editorial Team). Then on November 16th, 1942 they had a new family friend join the annex, Fritz Pfeffer, he was a dentist (Anne Frank Timeline). Anne’s last diary entry in her journal was made on August 1st, 1944 (Anne Frank Museum Amsterdam). Three days later on August 4th, 1944 the Franks and the others were betrayed (Anne Frank).
The Gestapo German Secret State Police received an anonymous Dutch caller telling them the address of the Franks location (Anne Frank). After the Franks and five others were arrested, they were taken to Westerbork, which is located in northeastern Holland, near a town called Assen, Holland (Anne Frank). One month later, the Franks were put to hard labor because they were considered criminals for going into hiding, they were all sent to Auschwitz...

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