Anne Frank: I Believe People Are Really Good At Heart

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I Believe …
In my English class we were learning about Anne Frank and her life during the Holocaust. During the Holocaust, many people, mostly Jews lost their lives; Anne was one of the 6 million Jews who died. Before her family and everyone else were taken to concentration camps Anne liked writing in her diary. After the war Anne father the only one in their family that survived received Anne’s diary from Miep, the caretaker of the families while they were hiding. One of the most eye catching quotes of Anne’s was” I believe people are really good at heart”, I believe Anne when she says that.

I agree with Anne because a lot of people hid Jews during the holocaust. Miep and Mr. Kraler help the Frank, Van Daan, and Miep’s dentist, Mr.Dussel during the Holocaust. They hid them even though she knew it was against the law. They both kept everyone a secret, and they also got them food every day and snuck upstairs to the attic before the workers came. “Mr. Kraler: I must go before the workmen get here. Miep or I will bring you food and the news and find out what your needs are.” (Goodrich and Hackett 515).Miep’s first grocer hid a Jew too. The Nazi somehow found out and he was taken to a concentration camp. Another story would be about Schindler. Schindler owned a factory, and early one all he cared about was money. Then he saw all the Jews in the Ghetto get taken by the Nazi’s. He felt really bad and started to take care of his Jewish workers even better. Once all of his workers were sent to concentration camps, he went to the concentration camps and demanded his to get his workers back. He got his workers back and sort of hide them will making them do “work”. He is credited of saving more than one thousand people during his lifetime. My last reason would be that, while Miep was taking care of the franks, Van pals, and Mr.Dussel she still hid a boy in her apartment. “Miep's life became even more stressful when she and her husband agreed to hide a Jewish boy in their own apartment” (Billings and Billings 56) She did all this knowing the consequences could lead to death or prison.
Another reason I agree with Anne when she say “despite everything I believe that people are really good at heart”, are some people were really nice to Jews. In the movie, Anne’s friend threw over bread for Anne when she could. This was really nice because in Auschwitz everybody was given very little food. This was also in the time Margot...

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