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Anne Frank: Remembered Essay

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In the movie, Anne Frank Remembered, producers recounted the story of "Hitler's best-known victim", Anne Frank, through the memoirs of those individuals that best knew her and through the intimate confessions to her best friend and confidant, her diary. Woven into the plot of this unforgettable story, however, is a revelation that is even more terrifying than the details provided to us in Anne Frank's story, a discovery that which is the basis for Anne Frank and other Holocaust victims alike.In Anne Frank Remembered, viewers are challenged to face the realities of our world's history and how the issues of prejudice, discrimination, persecution, and violence, led to history's most recognized case of ethnic cleansing. Movie producers created an ambiance of authenticity by the use of footage from the Nazi regime, personal accounts of Holocaust survivors, and visits made to the world's most notorious concentration camps. These graphic and haunting images provide viewers with an overwhelming sense of the numerous injustices that Jewish people suffered for more than a decade. In Hitler's attempt to create the Aryan Nation, he and his followers forced people into hiding, tore apart families, threatened, intimidated, humiliated, tortured, and killed masses of human beings. They were stripped of every basic human right and made out to be less than animals, and for what? Hitler's ethnocentric ideals and demonic plan to eradicate Europe of all Jewish people was almost successful. Frightening as it may be, viewers get the sense of the power of discrimination and the need for a positive resolution. As discussed in class, one must ask him or herself, how did the Holocaust manifest itself?; could it happen again?; and could it happen in the United States? My answer to the latter questions is, yes.Personal ReactionI agree with the message provided to viewers in the movie, Anne Frank Remembered, that one must not discriminate based on race, color, or creed. Although easy to analyze in theory, this concept is much more difficult to apply to the real world given the influence of socialization and the creation of fear by the use of power and control tactics implemented by the dominant culture toward minority populations.History has provided us with many lessons in regards to discrimination, racism, persecution, violence, and prejudice. We need not look far to see the effects of these aforementioned issues in the land of freedom and liberty: the Chinese concentration camps in the United States in World War II in which Asian Americans were incarcerated and deported; the massacre and genocide of numerous Native American tribes, the founders of our Nation; the conquest of Mexico by the Spanish; the enslavement of Africans; and the fight for equality by African Americans during the Civil Rights movement. And although the list continues, it is important to point out that throughout these historic events, we, as members of the human race, have not learned the...

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