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Anne Frank was born in Germany on June 12, 1929. She lived with her father Otto and mother Edith Frank. Anne's sister, Margo was three years older. Anne loved Margo very much. It was very happy and really good family. The sisters studied in good school and they had Catholic, Protestant and Jewish friend. But in March 1933, the National socialist party was elected and after that we can see real discrimination! All Jews had a special sign that they are Jewish people And other people couldn't talk with them at all. In the movie we saw when three girls went after school and talked to each other, mom of not Jewish girl screamed on her daughter get out from Jews! When Adolf Hitler took control over them, were started big Jewish pogroms. Before him their family had everything! They had a big nice house with good food. They even celebrated Shabbat every week. They were really happy. But after Hitler came they have nothing. They lost their house, their traditions and family.June 1939 - Anne's family went to the beach, but her mother didn't give Anne play or seem. Otto Frank, Anne's father, saw a beautiful couple, they were happy, and here we can see conflict: Otto likes his children much more than wife. July 15, 1942 - Anne's mother got a letter that their family will be arrested or something like that and they have to hide somewhere very fast. Otto and Edith Frank knew that as long as the Nazis were in power, life for Jews in Germany would become more and more dangerous. And they decided to move to the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, Anne and her sister had a busy and happy life, they quickly learned Dutch, attended school, and made many new friends.In May 1940 the Nazis got Holland and soon began to place limits on the economic and social freedom the citizens. In the movie we saw how Jews had to register with the authorities so the Germans knew the names and addresses of every Jew in Holland. Jewish children were forced to attend only Jewish schools. Everybody must have cards. Those issued to the Jews were stamped with a "J" and they were often stopped by the police and made to show the I.D. card. Another problem was that Jews were required to hand over their bicycles and barred from riding trolleys or using cars. Jews were set apart from other citizens and association between Jews and Gentiles was forbidden. - It's horrible Jewish discrimination again!Later, Anne's father, Otto Frank, started to get secret rooms and some food for hiding. Their company was in real Nazic danger. In June of the same year the Nazi leaders announced that all Jews were to be transported to labor camps in Germany. Otto knew that this was the time for him to disappear with his family. And they did it. The rooms where they hid became known as the secret annex or " the house behind".Another problem inside the little girl was that she didn't have person who she can tell her real feelings and she decided to be her best friend - her own diary "kitty". Every time she wrote there her...

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1095 words - 4 pages to live for the many months that he did in the annex if not for his connection to the Franks, which gave him the invitation to the annex. Anne Frank has revealed the true meaning and necessity of those around us in times of trouble in her collection of self-reflective diary entries.

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1416 words - 6 pages Annelies “Anne” Marie Frank was born on June 12 1929 in Frankfurt, Weimar in Germany. She was the daughter of Otto Frank (1889-1980) and Edith Frank Hollander (1900-1945). She also had a sister, named Margot (1926-1945), who was three years older then her. Anne Frank was Jewish and became one of the million victims of the Holocaust. Anne Frank claims her fame by writing a diary Diary of Anne Frank that got published after she died. In that diary

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1405 words - 6 pages findings. It proved that one person wrote the diaries during the period in question and the changes made to the diaries were of a very limited nature. It proved beyond any doubt that the diaries were authentic. Anne Franks 's diary is a testament to her keen powers of observation and the growth of her maturity and insight. It has had an emotional impact on all who have read it. The diary makes us aware of what it is like to live each day in fear of being ripped from one's home and loved ones, the fear of losing one's very life only because of having been born a Jew in a land and at a time when barbaric Nazi ideology ruled.

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