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Anne Hutchinson A Woman With A Voice

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In the book “Anne Hutchinson Puritan Prophet” Timothy D. Hall not only writes a biography of Anne but the whole state of Christianity in the late 16th and early 17th century. The story is about woman who was not afraid to speak out and voice her views. The author gives an in-depth story of all the events that were happening and how they influenced Anne to become such an important figure in history of protestant Christianity.
Anne Hutchinson was influenced by a number of people in her life. The first influence must have been her father. Her father Rev. Marbury spoke out against many ministers in the Church of England because of their lack of qualification or corruption. He was sentenced for a year in prison. Anne read many of her father’s books which shaped her into a woman that wasn’t afraid to speak out. Anne was born July 17th 1591 in Alford England. She married William Hutchinson and they had 15 children. In 1634 she and her family moved to Boston. One of the driving factors of her move to Boston was the fact that her most admired preacher John Cotton had moved to Boston. She felt it was God’s will to move to Boston as well.
Upon arrival to Boston she worked as a midwife and healer. She was a member of the church where John Cotton preached. She started her own bible study group with women, which later becomes one of the reasons she would be tried in court for. Anne then gets accused of heresies in the Puritan church. She is accused Antinomianism and Familism. She then is found guilty and gets banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony.
In the short seven chapters, the author paints a picture of a major dilemma that was between different religious individuals. Within the dilemma the story unfolds the influence of Anne in the Free Grace Controversy. The author Timothy Hall describes in great level of details the debates and arguments that were held between the Christian groups that held different theologies on grace. Towards the end of the book the author seems to paint a more positive picture of Anne. In the epilogue Tim mentions that Anne
Was a godly woman (page 146). Overall the book paints a positive picture of Anne, claims her to be a positive influence on Christianity.
The book is written in a text book type style. The author attempts to present the information as unbiased as possible. At the same time providing great tools for the reader such as the dictionary (quick reference) and questions for each chapter to have the...

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