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Anne Moody's Activism Style In "Coming Of Age In Mississippi" Reflects Both That Of Martin Luther King, Jr. And Henry David Thoreau.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. and Henry David Thoreau both advocated for the use of civil disobedience in response to governmental or social wrongs. While they articulate different versions of this response, both hoped for change and reform in what they felt were unjust laws and practices. Anne Moody in her book entitled "Coming of Age in Mississippi" reflects both styles of civil disobedience; however, it is more closely related to that of Martin Luther King, Jr. This may be due to the fact that Moody was able to actually able to work with King. Her many protests allowed her to work with many famous black empowerment leaders, including King and Jackie Robinson.In "Coming of Age in Mississippi" while at Natchez College, Moody started a boycott of the school cafeteria when maggots were found in the grits. This is similar to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s style of activism because it was both anti-violent and collective. Her approach to vocalizing her beliefs and proving her point was to make them suffer through refusal of patronage. This strike was a prelude to the sit-in Anne was involved with later during the Civil Rights Movement. This sit-in included other CORE and NAACP members where they could not be served at a white lunch counter. They refused to get up unless they were served. Whites came in calling them names, using racial slurs, throwing food on the blacks and dragging them from the counter beating them. This event was very similar to those King organized in his anti-violent campaign.While being involved in the Civil Right Movement Anne received letters from her mom saying that it was "unwise" to be doing was she was. She was afraid that Anne was endangering her whole family. This is similar to King's claim in "Letter from Birmingham Jail", where he describes some of the responses he received.Moody was also involved in a Voter Registration attempt in Canton. This was similar to both that of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Henry Thoreau. While it was dangerous to do so, Moody felt that is was important that black's voices be...

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2255 words - 9 pages :Coming of Age in Mississippi; is a book written by Anne Moody. In the book, Moody told her personal story which gave readers an overview of what it was to have grown up as a black in the South of America, especially as a black woman, during the forties and fifties. :Coming of Age; is a term which demonstrates that Moody had grown up as a black woman through her Childhood, High School and College. As she became more

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1636 words - 7 pages together, I believe autobiographies are a good source for history. Work and racial consciousness are themes during the Civil Rights Movement that made Anne Moody’s autobiography a unique story. Her amazing story gave the reader a great deal of insight on what it was like to live in rural Mississippi in the middle of a Civil Rights Movement. As an African American woman, she also provided the reader on how her gender and race impacted her life. Coming to Age in Mississippi was an awe-inspiring autobiography of the life of Anne Moody, and provided a lot of information about the social and political aspects of what was going on during her life.

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