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Annexation: Tyranny That Should Not Be Allowed

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In the United States, a tyranny of power has been allowed to occur. Thousands of residents have been done wrong by governmental powers without having any say so to stop it. The forcible annexation of residential areas without voter permission should not be allowed in the United States. Many would say the source of this problem of abuse of power comes from the days of American Imperialism. American Imperialism is when we would annex small, and what we considered to be lower, countries just for the use of power and extra money in our pockets. Whatever the cause, forcible annexation is something that wrongly continues to exist today.
In the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, the idea of imperialism swept over the world (Lapsansky). Imperialism is the policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force. All of the major world powers, such as Britain and France, began forcibly annexing inferior nations into their empires. The United States, not wanting to be considered “less than” the other nations and not wanting to be left behind began implying the same policy to how they ran their country as well. The United States began bringing in small countries using force, such as Hawaii, the Philippines, and Cuba (Lapsansky). Even though our annexation would greatly upset the natives and lead many to rebel, the only concern of the United States was to bring in the countries and as much profit from them as possible. This is due to the idea of the “White Man’s Burden,” and “Anglo-Saxon Superiority.” Within these two ideas, it is believed that the English speaking countries of the world are superior to those of foreign tongue and skin tone and that it was up to us to reach out to these poor native people and help them to improve themselves (Lapsansky). These two ideas were the two major justifiers of forcible annexation of countries with or without consent.
There have been many issues with annexation with the United States in the past. So many that you would think the leaders of today would know by now that annexation is not a wise move to make in expansion. A prime example of forcible annexation is with the annexation of the Philippines. The United States annexed the island nation with no consent and, some would say, no mercy for the natives of this country. This quote from the San Francisco Agronaut highlights Americas non-concern for the Filipino people: “WE DO NOT WANT THE FILIPINOS. WE DO WANT THE PHILIPPINES…The more of them killed the better. It seems harsh. But they must yield before the superior race,” (Lapsansky). This act is made even more horrendous when you take into account the fact that the United States had just helped the Philippines receive freedom from the horrible dealings of being annexed into and apart of the empire of Spain. We set the small island nation free from one country to be annexed into another.
Reasons given for this decision by the U.S. government was that it would provide a useful...

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