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****** 11-28-01 Imagining the Conclusion of Annie John Reading Jamaica Kincaid's novel Annie John was very meaningful to me. It was not intense, it was not breath-taking, but it was one of the most exciting novel I have ever read. How interesting it was to to watch a young girl of my age grow up! There was a smart little girl named Annie in a friendly little town in a small island living with her father and mother. She is very different from others, but everyone might have been Annie once. Annie John's mother is the biggest character in Annie's life next to herself. When Annie was little, she was just fascinated by her mother. Being with are mother all day when there was no school would make her day. Going shopping, taking a bath, and cooking with her mother meant so much to her. She thought that her mother might be the most beautiful woman in the entire world. As a little girl, who wouldn't think the same? I remember myself as a child thinking of my mother the same way. Though come to think of it, Children might see people's heart instead of their appearance. That's why they usually find their mother or father the most kind and beautiful people in the world since they are whom take care or them and love them the most. Remembering doesn't necessarily means that one is dwelling on the past. Memory plays a very important roll in the present, and even in the future. There is an enormous wooden trunk under Annie's bed which carries everything she ever wore or used. Every item in the trunk tells a story; starting with the trunk itself. The trunk used to be her mother's. It survived a mad storm when her mother was sailing a long long time ago. The trunk carries all of Annie's memories. I envy her about that because I know how important it is to have something to remind me what I did or what I was like. When my family moved to the Unite States, we sent packages of stuff over here by parcels. Unfortunately, they got lost carrying most of my belongings from my childhood such as my pictures, the journals I kept, and my drawings. It doesn't mean my childhood never took place, but not having any remainder makes me think that I have completely lost my childhood. Annie is really lucky to have them all. At least she was for awhile. I cannot believe she ruined the pictures when she and her mother had a fight. She'll realize what a big mistake she had made. Changing schools is very hard. I have changed schools a lot. I transferred twice so far, the earlier one in elementary school turned out great, but the later one was so major that I didn't quite get over yet. Going to a school in a different country is a huge challenge. About two years of long time has passed since, but I still get nervous for a couple of my classes. Even my contact lenses get dry and one had fallen out in the middle of a class once. However, Annie gets herself adjusted in her new school so fast. She is a bright girl. She brings herself to the top in no time. As...

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