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Annotated Bibliographies For Adhd Essay

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I am researching ADD/ADHD and the differences there are between males and females, any family factors that influence the disorder, if children who have ADD/ADHD are at greater risk for antisocial behavior, and what genetic and environmental factors are associated with it.Annotated Bibliography:1. Biederman, Joseph; Faraone, Stephen V.; Spencer, Thomas; Monuteaux, Michael C.; Plunkett, Elizabeth A.; Gifford, Julie. Pediatrics, May2003, Vol. 111 Issue 5, p1010, 7p; (AN 9667032).Abstract:The relationship between putative growth deficits and ADHD has been examined in boys, the issue has not been evaluated in girls.Introduction:New research indicates that ADHD is not associated with heath or weight loss. Whereas, discontinuation of a drug was. This study looks at growth deficits associated with ADHD. There is also growing literature supporting the notion that stimulant treatment does not have an adverse impact on ADHD children's growth and development.Methods:Height and weight were examined in 124 female ADHD children and 116 female controls using age and parental height corrections, attending to issues of pubertal stage and treatment. Also, we examined the interaction between ADHD status and gender on growth outcomes using data from 124 ADHD and 109 control males.Results:The ADHD-growth association was not moderated by gender. No deficits in age-adjusted height or age and height-adjusted weight were detected in ADHD girls. Also, we found no association between growth measurements and psychotropic treatment, malnutrition, short stature, pubertal development, family history of ADHD, or psychiatric comorbidity, except for major depression: ADHD girls with major depression were on average 7.6 kg heavier than ADHD girls without depression, adjusting for age and height.Discussion:These findings extend to females previous findings reported in boys documenting that neither ADHD nor its treatment are associated with a detrimental effect on growth in height or weight. These cross-sectional findings should begin to offset prevailing concerns regarding putative detrimental effects of the pharmacotherapy of ADHD on development and growth. Additional, longitudinal studies sensitive to the developmental and methodological issues inherent in growth measurement are needed to confirm our findings.2. Peris, Tara S.; Hinshaw, Stephen P.. Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry & Allied Disciplines, Nov2003, Vol. 44 Issue 8, p1177, 14p; DOI: 10.1111/1469-7610.00199; (AN11092668)Abstract:Despite the strong biological underpinnings of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), family factors remain salient influences on the course of the disorder. However, relatively little is known about how family-level variables relate to ADHD in girls and whether these variables are linked primarily to core ADHD symptomatology or to comorbid aggressive conditions.Introduction:These findings add to a growing body of literature on ADHD in girls and highlight a pivotal link...

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