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Bell, Amanda R. "What Factors Affect Body Image In Teenage Girls." What Factors Affect Body

Image 2013

The Autho,r goes on to describe how the media wheather telvesion, the movies or magazines play a big part in body image for teenage girls. She describles that it can be determental to their healt in so many ways. How young girls don’t get that much exercise and that can lead to wait gain. However sports can help to improve the body image of teenage girls. Also that even though caregivers and parents control these factors, young woman who face these daily challenges can help reserve the negativity.

Family, National Institute on Media and the. "Medias Effects on Body Image." n.d.

The author, goes on to describe The most popular media( tevelsion, movies magazines, ect.) havesince Wrld War 2, inreasling held up a thinner and thinner body imgeas the ideal for woman. He also blames soaps and music videos for the way young girls see themselves. He found that they were dissatified with their bodys, and by the time they are 17 it will have gooton worse. He assosiates this with the amont of time they spend in the media. Also that atching star like britney spears doesn’t help their body image.

Martinez, Eliza. "Distorted body Image in Teenagers." Distorted body Image in Teenagers (May 25,2013)

The author In the Book the “Distorted Body Image in Teenagers,” goes on to write about how the causes of peer pressure to fit in can drive distorted body image. Also if a teen percives friends as being muscular and physically fit or skinny and toned, theymight look at themselves and feel like they don’t measure up. Unhealthy body tends picture in magazines, social meida ad television can also influnce their body image.

PHD, Rick nauert. "Peer Pressure Dictates Teen Body Image." Peer Pressure Dictates...

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