Annotated Bibliography: Childhood Obesity Essay

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To help out with my research on childhood obesity I am creating this annotated bibliography. I am researching the health issues related to childhood obesity as well as the long term effects.
Rance, K. Laughlen, M. (April, 2011). Obesity and asthma: A dangerous link in children. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners. Volume 7, Issues 4, p. 287-292. Retrieved 12/12/2013, from
In this journal the two authors Rance and Laughlen go into details about the background and significant on obesity and asthma, which is consider a health risk related to obesity. They also provide data about the occurrence of these two health problems and in which ethnicity and background these problems mostly occurred. They continue by going into details on how obesity can cause asthma. They also provide information on how asthma affects the lungs, which makes asthma an unpleasant health issue. In the end of this journal they talk about recommendations for asthma treatment and when children should be screened for obesity. I am going to use this journal for information for the asthma problem obesity can cause. I am trying to get every possible detail on these health issues that are related to obesity and how they affect children’s lives.
Unknown. (2012) Basics about childhood obesity. “CDC”. Retrieved on 12/11/2013 from,
This article from CDC talk about the basics about childhood obesity. It provides information on how childhood overweight and obesity is measured by calculating an individual’s body mass index (BMI). It also states some consequences that are related to childhood obesity, both consequences that can happen now and later on in a child’s life. I will use this information in my research to get an overview of the different health issues that are related to childhood obesity. By having this information I can continue to research the specific details to each health risk that is associated with childhood obesity.
Unknown. (n.d.) Obesity and sleep. “National Sleep Foundation” Retrieved 12/12/2013 from,
This article retrieved from National Sleep Foundation, provides information on how the numbers of overweight and obese American’s have increased over the last 20 years. Children are also included in those numbers. The increasing numbers of childhood...

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