Annotated Bibliography — Education And Trades Of Jewish Women In Pre 1492 Spain Compared With Education And Trades Of Jewish Women In Ashkenaz

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Annotated Bibliography - Education and Trades of Jewish Women in Pre-1492 Spain Compared With Education and Trades of Jewish Women in Ashkenaz

Baskin, Judith Reesa (1994) Women of the word: Jewish women and Jewish writing, Publisher: Wayne State University Press

In this book, Baskin has discussed Jewish women writers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries who through their writings tried to explore their Jewish heritage. According to the book, this diverse group of Jewish writers, ranging from the Middle ages to present day, had to made many painful choices for their progress. The author says these women writers talked about how the voice of women was silenced in traditional Jewish culture and the impact of this attitude on women's progress. The book which is a collection of 17 essays highlighted the achievements of Jewish women from Middle ages to present day. It has discussed the efforts Jewish women made for their education and economic survival.

Baumgarten, Elisheva (2004) Mothers and children: Jewish family life in medieval Europe, Publisher: Princeton University Press

In this book, Baumgarten has tried to explain the role of women in the wellbeing of medieval Jewish communities. The book is basically is the history of medieval Jewish families. Baumgarten's main emphasis is on mothers and children and she has tried to find a link between the traditions of medieval and today's societies. The author used a number of sources to give a clear picture of the family life in the medieval Jewish communities and the role of women in the growth of children from their birth of early education. The book is also helpful in understating the relation of Jews with their non-Jews neighbors and the difference between the family life of Jews and Christians in the Middle Ages.

Einbinder, Susan (2000) Jewish Women Martyrs: Changing Models of Representation, Exemplaria, Volume 12, Number 1, 2000, pp. 105-127(23), Publisher: Maney Publishing

This research work of Einbinder has discussed the problems of Jewish women in different times of history. It also highlighted the role of some women in the educational and economic progress of Jewish women. The study talked about the atrocities against Jewish women and its impact on the Jewish societies. Einbinder has covered different periods of history and used sources to present a true picture.

Fine, Lawrence (2001) Judaism in practice: from the Middle Ages through the early modern period,...

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