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Annotated Bibliography: Mind Abuse Essay

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Annotated Bibliography: Mind Abuse

Violent media, especially TV shows and video games at a young age can cause children to become more aggressive, and violent when they become older because they tend to reenact what they see.
Agarwal, Vivek, and Saranya Dhanasekaran. “Harmful Effects Of Media On Children
And Adolescents.” Journal of India Association for Children and Adolescents Mental Health 8.2 (2012): 38-45. Ebsco. Web. 2 Apr. 2014.
Vivek Agarwal and Saranya Dhanasekaran discusses how there are many children who spend a lot of there time on the internet, watching television, watching movies, and playing video games, and what dangerous effects that the media can have on young children. ...view middle of the document...

The results confirmed that playing a violent game would result in more aggression than playing a nonviolent game. In addition, a game/ sex interaction showed that this effect was larger for men rather than for women. Bartholow and Anderson gain credibility by actually doing studies to prove that violent media has a negative effect on children. Even though there research was limited, because the sample was relatively small, and the duration of game play could have influenced the results as well the results they got still had a positive outcome, there is still good ideas that I can use. This article would be in favor of my argument that violent video games especially can cause children to become violent later on in life, which could help me gain credibility.
Browne, Kevin, and Catherine Hamilton- Giachritsis. “The Influence Of violent Media
On Children and Adolescents: A Public- Health Approach.” The Lancet 365.9460 (2005): 702-710 Ebsco. Web. 1 April. 2014.
Consistent evidence showed violet imagery in television, films, computer games, and video games, has short- term effects on thoughts, emotions, and arousal, increasing the likelihood of aggressive or fearful behavior in younger children, especially in boys. The evidence is less consistent when considering older children and the long-term outcome for all ages. The small amount of good quality research that discusses sex differences suggests that boys are more likely to show aggression after viewing violent media than girls. However, there is only weak evidence from correlation studies linking media violence directly to crime. Kevin Browne and Catherine Hamilton- Giachritsis gain credibility by doing studies on how violent acts are shown in media that children are watching and determining if violence is causing them to act a certain way. They also use the statistics from the UNESCO Global Media Violence Study, which showed consistency in children’s television viewing habits across 23 of the countries. The information as well as the feedback that was given in this article can be used towards my argument, in the way that media can have an effect on children at a young age, which could cause them to become aggressive.
Gorman, Megan O, and Sari Harrar. “Violent TV Makes Kids Violent Adults.” Readers
Guide 55.9 (2003): 48. Ebsco. Web. 2 April. 2014.
Megan Gorman and Sari Harrar explain how violent TV shows do affect ones personality in the future and how 4 out of 10 children become what they see whether it is on TV or in the street. A study was done of 329 boys and girls and they found out that young boys who watched violent TV shows were twice as likely to be violent with their spouse and three times as likely to be convicted of criminal behavior. It also stated that women were twice as likely to throw something at their spouse and four times as likely to be violent with...

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