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Annotated Bibliography On Racial Diversity Essay

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Shaswat Chapagain
ECS 4100
Annotated Bibliography
Denson, N., & Chang, M. (2009). Racial Diversity Matters: The Impact of Diversity-Related Student Engagement and Institutional Context. American Educational Research Journal, 46, 322-353.
This article discusses the different forms of racial diversity contribution to students’ educational and learning experiences and the autonomous positive effects on students who adopt these diversity opportunities. The author demonstrates how the quality of higher education is substantially heightened by diversity-connected efforts. Those efforts improve students learning and experiences by cultivating key behaviors and knowledge ...view middle of the document...

By exploring the literature of critical race theory published over the past decade, the study attempts to find the historical context of race in critical theory and its implications. The paper explores how much the critical race theory has transformed over time.
Unlike most of the other sources, this article is aimed at providing a historical context of critical race theory and its connection to institutional racism. The paper’s focus on analyzing previous central ideas about critical race theory is particularly strong, featuring critical review of race theory presented by scholars in the past. The critical race theory pursuits to evaluate society and legal practices through the history, racial responsiveness and modern knowledge of racial minorities.
The significance of this paper is that the authors’ analysis of critical race theory takes into account the differing social and cultural contexts. The notion of critical race theory is essential for the foundations of institutionalized racism and exploring the origins of the race theory presents a greater understanding of how these ideas play a role in the process of racial power over the years.

Picower, B. (2009). The unexamined Whiteness of teaching: how White teachers maintain and enact dominant racial ideologies. Race Ethnicity and Education, 12(2), 197-215.
This article investigates the feature of the primarily white teaching system that educate the students. This article examines results that offer point at issue about the method in which white teachers’ background determined understandings of race and its characteristics. The author analyzes how tools of whiteness is utilized to preserve and cultivate dominant stereotypical perception of race. Picower goes on to explore how a better understanding of these stereotypical under stings of race can improve the education curriculum to reconstruct the outlooks of white teachers.
Picower focuses on the influences of pre-dispositional assumptions and stereotypes help the normalization aspects of American society and how this perpetuates the critical race theory that racism is inherent. The author clearly communicates the idea of preservation of white supremacy through a set of race tools that were used to keep minorities in place. Since this paper was recently published, it can be easily related to the current education system. The conclusions that the author arrives is justified by the results presented.
The idea of racial stereotypes and assumptions by white dominant teachers can easily be included in the evidence of institutionalized racism present in the US public schooling system. This source helps shape the argument of institutionalized racism through the evidence of race tools used by teachers presented in the study. Picower does an excellent job providing a context for the views many teachers hold towards minority students in the current educational system.

Pilkington, A. (2013). The interacting dynamics of institutional...

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