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Annotated Mona Lisa Artstyles Essay

1099 words - 4 pages

The Annotated Mona Lisa Chart

By: Brad Kovacic

Major Art Periods

Major Artists

Characteristics of Style

Connections to Political, Social, and Economic Events

Time Period

Abstract Expressionism

De Kooning

Meant to express inner life through art.
Practiced that image is not a result of preconceived idea, but of creative process.
Stressed energy, action, kineticism, and freneticism.
Techniques include free application of paint, no reference to visual reality.

Black Mountain College in North Carolina (1933-57) is the winner of all-star art schools.
During the Federal Art Project, the U.S. Treasury gave $23.86 a week to artists that were involved. This project brought in massive amounts of art.
Formed as a reaction to World War II.
Pollock's and others' canvases stole Europe's position as Keeper of the Cultural Flame, and changed the definition of "Art."

Late 1940s to early 1950s



Emphasized on emotion and dynamism.
Landscapes often contained ideal or realistic nature.
Specialized in absolute mastery of light.
Styles used consist of dynamic, florid, virtuoso, realistic, restrained, and pretentious art.

Artists all over Europe came to Rome to study the arts, then return home and give what they learned their own cultural modification.
Catholic popes financed new cathedrals to show their win over the Counter Reformation, and to bring new worshipers by introducing astonishing architecture.
French absolute monarchs ruled by divine right and spent fortunes on glorifying themselves.
Patrons of the art were prosperous merchants as well as the middle class burghers who bought paintings from artists.
Money coming in from colonists helped supply the wealth of the royalty.




A technique used, was the breaking of an object into a multitude of pieces and analyzing them. Another technique was to incorporate paper scraps and stencils into the paintings.
Analytic Cubism used only brown, green, and gray colors.
Synthetic Cubism used collage art.

Cubism was one of the major turning points of art in the twentieth- century.
Gris contributed a large amount to Synthetic Cubism.
The name Cubism stuck when Matisse dismissed Braque's Cubist landscape as "little cubes".




Combined non-art items to make art.
Emphasis on awakening the imagination.
Main strategy was to denounce and shock.
Used a principle of random collage.

Evenings with Dadaists were often full of poetry in different languages and orators hurled insults at the audience.
Founded by a group of World War I refugees.
Protested against the madness of war, where over 10 million people were killed.




No absence of color
Represented immediate visual sensations through color and light.
Short, choppy brushstrokes
Subjects include outdoors, seaside,...

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