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Annotations Essay

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This is an older book, published in 1971. It focuses on games and the effects it has on us as individuals and as a culture. One of the first things you realize in the book is that games were once studied academically to understand how they affect our development and it was taken seriously. This seems to have been forgotten overtime, and you get the idea that it had happened once before. This book is very complex and could be described as a multidisciplinary anthropological endeavor. It is also mostly a collection of articles that are not combined in any clear method. I was able to find a area that relates to my topic stated as such, “Although, the role of games in development cannot be ...view middle of the document...

” (Mortensen p. 114-115). This is referencing a study by Nick Yee of online games in MMORPG's. His study shows that the majority of gamers that play MMORPG's are of working age, older than those in Norway and the UK, and according to the ESA U.S. Games are evenly distributed between genders. This is also much different than the results from Norway. This book does well to show how deeply rooted games are in our culture and that it is not just for kids. The book has further statistics and studies that would be of aid to my essay. The author is an associate professor in the Media Department of Volda University College in Norway and completed her PhD on text-based multi-player games. She is currently active in this field of study lending credibility to this work. I believe that I will be using this book as a source in my essay.

The purpose of this book is to describe or define what it is to play. The author describes various kinds and levels of play. He counts things such as dreams, hobbies, tricks, joking, watching television, and of course what we traditionally consider play games. The author also describes what he calles Rhetorics of play. He lists these as fate, power, identity, and frivolity being the ancient rhetorics. Then progress, self, imaginary, and the self being the modern rhetorics. As an...

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