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Annoted Bibliography For Paper On Human Rights Rchs, Grade 12 Annotataed Bibliography

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Toni Oluwole
Topic: Human rights in western culture
Annotated Bibliography
Works Cited
Boersema, David. Philosophy of Human Rights Theory and Practice. Westview Press, 2011.
This book, Philosophy of Human Rights contains different authoritative readings and competing views of the Human Rights concept. It makes use of primary source documents, and practical, everyday examples. It is commonly used for courses on human rights and political philosophy. David Boersema is a distinguished university professor at Pacific University in Oregon. It offers many different directions that could be explored in my paper.
Douzinas, Costas. “Are Rights Universal?” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 11 Mar. 2009.
Web. 22 Nov. 2017
Though this is an older article for a British newspaper, it still describes in detail a history of human rights being acted upon in the world and presents the opportunity to think about a question that may still be, if not more, relevant today; Are human rights universal? Written by Costas Douzinas, a Greek professor of law and Director of the Humanities institute at Birkbeck, University of London and a politician. He has received the degree for teachers of Human Rights. Douzinas is known for his work in Human Rights, and Political Philosophy. He also received the lifelong achievement award by the Association of Law, Culture and the Humanities in 2014. It officers an important question for my paper.
Felice, F. William. The Importance of Collective Human Rights. State University of New York: New
York, 15 Aug. 1996.
This book was written as a contribution to literature on the human rights of people and groups. It is deeply researched and well-argued the sort of book that makes a good case for all its views. It treats an important body of material in a clear and understandable way.  William F. Felice is associate dean of general education and professor of political science at Eckerd College He received Eckerd College's Lloyd W. Chapin Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Art in 2011 and three other awards in 1999, 2003 and 2005. It will...

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