Annottated Bibliography: Popular Psychology Essay

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Cook, G., & Cook, J. L. (2010). The world of children. (2nd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education Inc.
This is the textbook assigned to this class. This source presents information in relation to the development of children in chronological order. It has terminology, and the most studied and accepted theories in the field of psychology. Author Greg Cook has a Ph. D in psychology and is a professor at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. For more than two decades, he has taught courses in Child Development, Research Methods, and others. Co-author Jean L. Cook has a Ph. D in Psychology and Human Development. She is currently a Professor of psychology and chairperson of the Psychology Department at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I will use this book as my primary source of information in regards the theories of Jean Piaget, Albert Bandura, and John Bowlby (theorists that I have selected for the moment), as well for concepts related to child development.
Cordón, L. A. (2005). Popular Psychology, (pp22-25). Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.
This reference book is an encyclopedia; it attempts to cover a vast number of common topics related to the field of psychology. The main motive of the author is to bring clear and concise information to its readers. This source of information is used by students from high school to college. Dr. Luis Cordón completed his masters and doctoral studies in psychology, at the Notre Dame University. He is an Associate Professor and Psychology Department Chairman at Eastern State Connecticut University. I will use this source to expand the concept of attachment of children to their parents, its different classifications, and possible emotional implications.
Davis, S. F., & Palladino, J. J. (2003). Psychology. (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.
Psychology is a textbook used by sub-graduate and graduate level students. This book explores both, classic and contemporary studies in all areas of psychology; it also contains concepts in psychology applicable to real life situations. About authors: Stephen F. Davis has a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, and is Professor of Psychology at Emporia State University in Kansas. Joe Palladino is Chair and Professor of Psychology at Southern Indiana University; he holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Psychology. I will use this source in conjunction with my textbook for theories and concepts that I will use in my project.
Gall, S. B., Beins, B., & Feldman, A. (2001). The gale encyclopedia of psychology. (2nd ed., pp. 271-273). Detroit, MI: Gale Group.
This reference book is intended for high school and college students who require accessible definitions and explanations of important psychological terms. Each subject was evaluated for its importance to the discipline by an advisory board of professors, and professionals in the field of psychology. This source covers aspects such as famous theorists and their theories, psychology terms, landmark experiments and...

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