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Internet is a network that can be used in many different ways and can be accessed from anywhere. Internet is being used in schools, ministries, hospitals, etc. When people use the internet, many of them choose to be anonymous. People choose to be anonymous to do everything they want without the risk of exposing their identity. This paper will list how being anonymous can be a double edged sword.
Anonymity on the web is the way of hiding your identity in order to do anything freely without exposure to legal repercussions. Hackers are the most group of people that keep their identity anonymous. For example, when hackers attempt to hit a target, the first thing they do is hiding their identity ...view middle of the document...

Some people may use a method that is called “Identity Theft” to trick people for personal or collective goals. For instance, a person can embody another person’s identity, and then claims to be that person which can ruin that person’s reputation. In that case, being anonymous can lead to serious problems that may destroy the credibility of the society.
Being anonymous on the internet can be risky for the government, however. When people surf the internet, they are being tracked by the internet service provider’s servers. All the data that the user has can be exposed by the government. If the users have covered their identity, the government cannot observe those users. Government has to watch all the users of the internet to prevent any terrorist attack or anything that may threat the country’s national security.
People want to be unknown and anonymous on the internet for many reasons. People want to speak and express their feelings freely. Those internet users attempt to hide their identity to avoid being infringed by law. Governments have employed special security experts to track internet users and record everything that users say or do. That is why people tend to hide their identity in more than a way just to make sure that they...

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