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Anorexia And Society Essay

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It is not surprising that eating disorders are on the increse because of the value society places on being thin.In North America, women are given the message at a very young age that in order to be happy and successful you must be thin.Every time you walk into a store you are surroundd by the images of emaciated models that appear on the front cover of all fashion magazines.Thousands of young teenage girls are starving themselves this very minute trying to attain what the fashion industry considers the "ideal figure" The average model weighs 23% less than the average woman.Maintaining a weight that is 15% below your expected body weight fits the criteria for anorexia, so most models, according to medical standards, fit into the catagory of being anorexic.Teenagers need to realize that society's ideal body image is not achievable.The photos we see in magazines are not either.Many dont realize those photos go through millions of touch ups and get air brushed before put in front of our eyes.Teenagers striving to attain society's unattainab;e ideal image will just end up increasing their feelings of inadequacy.Teenagers are under a lot of pressure to be thin.They are lead to believe that the only way they can be accepted and fit in, is if they are thin.They resort to starving, vomiting and eating only diet foods to try to be thin.Television is a big influence on them.They watch shows like Melros Place and feel they need to look as thin as the actresses on these shows.Societyis brainwashing young...

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596 words - 2 pages work and ultimately puts stress on your body which make you more susceptible to develop an eating disorder. Genetics can also play a big part. If you have a family history of eating disorders, there's a higher chance of developing anorexia. Society has made it very hard on young girls these days. The pressure to be "skinny" and "perfect" can almost be unbearable and mixed with certain personality traits, such as low self esteem, one can easily

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1333 words - 6 pages Ana’s Limelight Christy Greenleaf, assistant professor of kinesiology, health promotion and recreation at University of North Texas, stated, “Girls and women, in our society are socialized to value physical appearance and an ultra-thin beauty that rarely occurs naturally and to pursue that ultra-thin physique at any cost.” Anorexia is the third most common chronic illness among young women. Furthermore, one in every ten people with anorexia

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1395 words - 6 pages conflict and thus increases the likelihood of anorexia developing as it maintains a façade of harmony. The last major social factor contributing to anorexia is widely believed to be the expectations and pressures of society for women to be thin. Over the last 20 years the 'ideal' female body has become thinner while the actual average weight of women is increasing (Garner & Garfinkle, 1982). Garner & Garfinkle (1982) found that during

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1081 words - 4 pages Thesis Statement: Anorexia Nervosa effects a person both physically and mentally. Anorexia represents one percent of most prevalent eating disorder diseases. The word anorexia itself means, “ lack of appetite”. Anorexia is an all-encompassing pursuit of thinness. The person effected by Anorexia has an absolute fear of becoming obese (Matthew 4). Approximately one percent of adolescent girls develops Anorexia Nervosa, a dangerous condition

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1862 words - 7 pages that researchers cannot explain. Society is the main cause of these problems. Today's society perceives man and women to have the perfect lifestyle. Women with perfect bodies and men with perfect wives and families. These perceptions are not realistic yet people seem to feel that they are. Anorexia nervosa is something that will affect our future for years to come. It will affect our children and their children. There is no real cure for this

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684 words - 3 pages expected body weight have Anorexia. A misconception that they develop is that they think that the thinner they are, the more they worth (self-worth). Anorexia Nervosa was first named and recognized in society in 1873. The name was given by Sir William Withey Gull. There are in fact, 2 types of Anorexia Nervosa. One type is where the person completely stops eating (or sometimes eating and then puking afterwards), and the other type is that they

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1517 words - 6 pages . Anger, anxiety, low self-esteem and loneliness can also be the causes of the disorder. Eating disorders might be developed due to improper relationships and history of being teased about a person’s weight and health. Pressure from friends and society about health and beauty can also be a cause for the development of anorexia. SYMPTOMS OF ANOREXIA Weight: A person who is anorexic has 15% less weight than the ideal body weight. The person refuses

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1022 words - 4 pages The Dangers of Eating Disorders How a person perceives their body is influenced by what it looks like to them and what it looks like to others. Our society teaches us through media and social pressure that body image is important. Feeling attractive is an important part of self worth and for many, feeling attractive means matching a certain ideal appearance. Most of us will never be able to look like this ideal, but the message we

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1228 words - 5 pages response to family problems, including parents who are frequently uninvolved in their child’s lives or frequently criticizing their child because of high expectations. This illness can also run in the family. If your family has a history of anorexia nervosa it is more likely that your son/daughter will have it as well. The western culture also has a strong influence on anorexic patients. American society places high values on thinness and physical


1308 words - 5 pages It seems today that eating disorders are on the rise. While this may be true, the numbers may appear to grow only because more cases are being brought out into the open. The purpose of this paper is to discuss eating disorders and prove the these disease, specifically Anorexia Nervosa, continue to plague of women due to psychological and environmental factors along with pressure from the media. The term “Anorexia Nervosa” is misleading. It


777 words - 3 pages eating disorders can be treated successfully by trained mental health care professionals. Anorexia is a very dangerous mental illness because it has many life- threatening effects. It is a monster that eats at an affected person’s conscience. It strives for the unattainable perfection, and if treatment is not received in time, death may be a result. Our society today regards thin as being beautiful, even when thin means being dangerously unhealthy. If young women do not give in to the media and societal view of extreme thinness as being beauty, they are at less risk of developing anorexia and can possibly help to turn our views of health around.

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1294 words - 5 pages two things, in order to blame popular culture for anorexia nervosa. However what is not commonly known is that anorexia nervosa far predates the current view of female beauty. Anorexia nervosa symptoms were first described by Sir Richard Morton in 1689 (Kaplan). Then in 1874, a physician named William Gull named the disorder anorexia nervosa (Till). While doctors and researchers agree that society can influence those that suffer from the disorder

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992 words - 4 pages percent of their ideal body weight. There are two types of anorexia nervosa: restricting type and binge-eating and purging type. They regularly deny how serious the disorder is. Anorexia is a serious and potentially life threatening mental illness. Anorexia Nervosa is a big part of adolescence life. In society today there are many social standards that promote a thin body. Adolescents tend to look up to the super thin models that are plastered all

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982 words - 4 pages society, which portrays the ideal person to be fit and thin. Many anorexics have been said to believe that they only way to be considered attractive and successful was to be thin. Pressure from families and peeps has also been stated as a caused for anorexia. Comments about their appearance and weight have driven anorexics to starve themselves. As well, previous abuse has also driven people to become anorexic. SYMPTOMS     &nbsp

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1083 words - 5 pages . 2014. Rocha, Toni L. Understanding Recovery from Eating Disorders. New York: Rosen Pub. Group, 1999. Print. Segal, Jeanne, Ph.D., and Melinda Smith, M.A. "Eating Disorder Treatment and Recovery."Eating Disorder Treatment and Recovery. Helpguide, n.d. Web. 09 Mar. 2014. Smith, Melinda, M.A., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. "Anorexia Nervosa." : Signs, Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment. Helpguide, n.d. Web. 11 Mar. 2014. "Society and Eating